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Written by on December 14, 2019

Preview: Angelica Garcia at Bunk Bar December 14th

Today, ahead of supporting Lola Kirke at Bunk Bar, Angelica Garcia swung by KPSU to give our listeners a special in-studio performance. Angelica’s second album is due out soon, but things have been changing since her first one. This includes switch in label from one of the big boys in Warner to Spacebomb Records, an indie label based on Richmond, VA. This change of tack has allowed Angelica greater control over her own work. ‘It’s very near and dear to my heart,’ Angelica told me of the new album, ‘because everything, artwork, design, the concept of the record, the people who played on the record were all what I came up with and chose.’

2017’s Medicine for Birds (Warner Bros) is a beautiful album mixing elements of blues, country and rock. Nonetheless, Garcia’s her new directions are incredibly exciting: recent singles ‘Jícama’, ‘It Don’t Hinder Me’ and ‘Karma the Knife’ mix dexterous vocals, crunching guitars and pianos and places them alongside a series of wonderfully colorful music videos. These new songs and upcoming album are part of an effort to represent her heritage: after growing up in LA with a mixture of Salvadorian, Mexican and American heritage, Garcia followed her family to Virginia, where she lives in Richmond. The new album is an effort to ‘forever seal this special thing [my family] gave me which is everything from Spanish language, to cultural customs, to the music I grew up listening to.’

Angelica Garcia’s second album is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of the next year: an already talented artist who is taking greater control of her own creative process with wonderful results. Angelica kicked off our in-studio performance with a performance of a Mexican folk song, followed by a sneak preview of an as-yet unreleased song, and finished off with ‘Jícama’. You can listen to it below.

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