Angelica Garcia live at Bunk Bar – review

Written by on December 16, 2019

On Sunday evening at the Bunk Bar, Angelica Garcia took to the stage supporting Lola Kirke, for only her second show in Portland. Equipped with a vocal looper attached to her mic stand, a sampler to her right, and a guitar available when required to her left, she delivered a mesmerizing performance that used her incredible, soaring vocals as their centerpiece. These were backed up by the sounds of her sampler and occasionally augmented through her guitar, for instance when she played her version of Mexican folk songs.

            In my preview of the show I mentioned how Garcia has moved away from the country, blues, and rock of her debut album of two years ago Medicine for Birds (Warner Bros). Now, she relied more heavily on her vocal abilities to carry a song and this was in full display at the Bunk Bar on Sunday. Though it was only a support slot, she soon had the crowd eating out of her hand as she stood on stage in a colorful floral shirt and flared red pants. Angelica’s hands, freed when performing without the guitar, are wonderfully expressive, appearing as though she is corralling the sound with them as she sings. Appearing slightly bashful, she invited people to follow her on ‘all the things’ adding ‘I’m Angelica Garcia, and if you want to talk about that later, I’ll be around.’ Besides being an extremely talented musician, Angelica Garcia is also clearly an endearing character.

            She also confirmed that her new album, on Richmond, Virginia-based Spacebomb Records, will be out this coming February. You can check out Angelica’s wonderfully weird video for ‘Karma the Knife’ below, and further below that you can find the download link for my interview and in-studio with Angelica.

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