Anamanaguchi Concert Review

Written by on March 9, 2020

Live at the Hawthorne Theater, Anamanaguchi rocked out and lit up the building for the March 5th stop on their [USA] Tour.

Tyler Burns started the show off in style with some nice vocals. Next up Skylar Spence showed off some mad guitar skills and excited the audience. Djing the event was fulltouch.

Before Anamanaguchi took the stage they took a few minutes to set up a few more things while two screens displayed a nice customized hello and thank you message to Portland.

Because Anamanaguchi uses so many elements of chiptune in their music, I half expected to see a gameboy on stage. This was not the case as all band members had more traditional instruments to play, which was a fun and easy way to change things up a bit for live variations.

The lights and visuals during the show added a whole other layer of excitement. The visuals changed perfectly in time with the music and matched the theme of the song that was playing. Even the lyrics were displayed! The bright flashing colors are impossible to fully capture with a camera and are certainly best experienced live.

During the show Anamanaguchi played songs from their old albums, as well as their new release, [USA]. They played On My Own, Air On Line, and Endless Fantasy, to name a few.

To introduce the vocalist to one of their songs they took a short pause. No name was said but if you know Anamanaguchi you certainly know who the singer was, as their song Miku made the whole audience jump to the sound.

During a stand up comedy break, they invited an audience member to dance to their song Pop It on stage. They finished off the show with a brilliant display of flashing colors and a popular favorite, Meow.

slow motion GIF of Anamanaguchi playing Meow live

The show was very fun and they played many of my favorites, I’d recommend checking them out!

Anamanaguchis [USA] Tour continues and will visit the UK and Europe.
Tickets are available for upcoming shows which you can view here:





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