16 Great Rock Songs That Have “God” In the Title

Written by on December 20, 2018

Every couple months, my KPSU radio show Six Degrees of Rockination has a theme. In November 2018, that theme was “God.” An entire hour of great songs with the word “God” in the title. What songs did I play?


Kiss – “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You”

This song’s been done by a few bands, each time with slightly different lyrics. It started in the early 70s with the original by Argent. Then in the late 70s it was covered by Petra, with lyrics that were a bit more Christian. Then in the early 90s, Kiss did this version, my favorite version, which has “so you wanna be a rock star” lyrics.

The Beat Farmers – “God Is Here Tonight”

This is a 1980s cowpunk band out of San Diego that never found much success, but maybe deserved to. If you like this song, check out their tunes “Hollywood Hills” and “Rosie.”

Crash Test Dummies – “God Shuffled His Feet”

The most obvious thing about this Canadian band is the deep basso profundo lead vocals, but their songs also feature some really good melodies and quirky, thoughtful lyrics. My favorite of theirs is “Superman’s Song,” which plays like a eulogy told at Superman’s funeral.

Chris Cagle – “Country By the Grace of God”

Is this a country song or a rock song? I mean, clearly, the lyrics are all about the country life, and there’s even a fiddle being played, but everything else is rock ‘n’ roll, right?

The Sex Pistols – “God Save the Queen”

Who started punk rock? The Sex Pistols? The Ramones? Someone else? Regardless of who started it, the Sex Pistols definitely make the Mount Rushmore of punk rock artists.

The Hellacopters – “By the Grace of God”

Our second “by the grace of God” song is by the Hellacopters, a Swedish band I’d probably classify as garage rock. If you like this one, check out their songs “Carry Me Home” and “In the Sign of the Octopus” That last one may be about the Illuminati, I’m not sure.

Nappy Roots – “Good God Almighty”

We’ve made it to the hip-hop end of the rock ‘n’ roll spectrum! Nappy Roots are one of my favorite rap groups. They formed while students at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and have a number of songs with religious undertones.

Avenged Sevenfold – “God Only Knows”

This is originally a Beach Boys song from 1966, and I almost went with their version, but in the end decided I liked this one better. I like how it starts soft and pretty, then becomes a little more rocking by the end. It never rocks out completely, but just enough to make it interesting.

Biffy Clyro – “God and Satan”

If you’re not into this Scottish band, you need to get into them. Their songs go from soft to hard, from quiet to loud, from stripped down to orchestral. My favorite song Biffy songs are “Different People” and “Mountains.”

Louis XIV – “God Killed the Queen”

Earlier we had “God Save the Queen,” but now we’ve killed her. Or rather Louis XIV killed her. Fun fact: not only is this is our second song about the Queen, it’s also our second band from San Diego.

Tim McGraw – “That’s Why God Made Mexico”

And here’s our second country song! I love the tinny piano at the beginning and end of this song. Sounds like something from an old timey, wild west saloon.

Everclear – “Local God”

This song originally appeared in the 1996 movie “Romeo and Juliet,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Also featured on that soundtrack were Garbage, Radiohead, and the Butthole Surfers.

XTC – “Dear God”

Clearly, I had to play this song. It may be the ultimate “God in the title” song. There are a whole bunch of covers, including a famous one by Sarah McLachlan, but for my money, the original’s the best.

Stevie Wonder – “Have a Talk with God”

This beauty’s off the 1976 album “Songs In the Key of Life.” Stevie had a creative peak from 1972 to 1976 that I would put up against anyone’s. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, U2. I’d put Stevie’s peak up there with any of them.

They Might Be Giants – “Kiss Me, Son of God”

TMBG might be the most popular cult band in the world, and this song gives you an idea why. Their songs are usually funny, while the music is always varied, complex, and creative. If you consider yourself smart and funny and a little nerdy, They Might Be Giants is the band for you.

U2 – “God Part II”

Apparently, this song is a response to and uses the same rhyme scheme as the John Lennon song “God.” Additionally, it borrows a lyric from John’s song “Instant Karma.” And even more additionally, one line references Bruce Cockburn’s song “Lovers In a Dangerous Time.” That’s a lot for a music nerd to chew on in just one song, eh?


And there you go! 16 great rock songs with the word “God” in their title. And guess what? This isn’t just a list I came up with. This was an actual hour-long radio show that you can listen to. Want to hear it? Here’s the link. A solid hour of world-class songs with “God” in the title.






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