15 Great Rock Songs Featuring La Dee Da’s

Written by on December 19, 2016


Every couple months, my KPSU radio show Six Degrees of Rockination has a theme. In September 2016, the theme was la la la’s and da da da’s and that sort of thing. What songs did I play?

My Chemical Romance – “Na Na Na”

I start pretty much every show with a rocker and this one’s no exception. Gerard Way and the boys deliver an absolute scorcher.

Everlast – “Black Jesus”

So much to like about this song. An acoustic guitar, a funky vibe, a hip hop sensibility, and first class lyrics. And, oh yeah, some great na na na’s.

The Mr. T Experience – “Ba Ba Ba”

The band name makes you think they’d be jokey and dumb, but these guys put out some quality stuff. This song’s no exception. Poppy, rocky, fun.

Okkervil River – “Lost Coastlines”

In addition to the great la la la’s, this song is notable for having two vocalists with two very different voices. Also, if you love great lyrics, Okkervil River’s a band you need to explore.

Kaiser Chiefs – “Na Na Na”

I knew the Kaiser Chiefs, but had never heard this song until I was doing research for this theme show. I love discovering great new music! Upbeat, rocking, with a catchy hook.

White Denim – “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)”

Maybe the best song of the hour, from perhaps the best album of 2016. I’d never been a huge White Denim fan, but oh my, this album kicked all sorts of ass.

Otis Redding – “Fa Fa Fa”

Let’s slow things down a tiny bit, shall we? If “Dock of the Bay” is the only Otis Redding song you know, trust me, friend, you need to explore him further. This song’s a good start.

Will Smith – “Get Jiggy With It”

Who’s ready for some fun? I’d call this the silliest song of the hour, but also the one most guaranteed to get your butt shaking. Enjoy the good times.

Blues Brothers (feat. Cab Calloway) – “Minnie the Moocher”

Time for some call and response! Cab will tell you what to sing, you just follow his lead. And good luck keeping up!

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – “The Boxer”

They’re my favorite cover band and, as such, they have a habit of appearing in my theme shows. Here they are, rocking up some Simon and Garfunkel.

MIA – “Boyz”

I think the beat is the real star of this song. MIA always has great beats. Great grooves. This one’s no exception.

Hayseed Dixie – “Centerfold”

Another cover, but instead of rocking up a folk song, this time we’re bluegrassing up a rock song. A great singalong.

Everclear – “Brown Eyed Girl”

And yet another cover! One of my favorite covers, actually. Call me crazy, but I think Van Morrison’s original “Brown Eyed Girl” is wildly overrated. This cover, though? They change so much and improve it immeasurably.

Miles Kane – “Don’t Forget Who You Are”

This song’s chorus absolutely explodes. There must be a thousand voices singing. World-class, hall of fame la la la’s.

The Rolling Stones – “Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)”

The real star of this song is the organ riff. It propels the entire song from beginning to end. A really underrated Stones song.

Want to hear the entire radio show? Here’s the link. A solid hour of fantastic la dee da rock ‘n’ roll.





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