big things episode 7-movies & queer punk

Written by on April 9, 2016


hey hey punks, big things is back after an exhausting and weird two weeks! this episode was all over the place, much like our lives, but we talked about PSUSU things that are happening and the upcoming PSU WALK-OUT!! the playlist was put together with only songs from movie soundtracks by the hosts and hot seat guest-ya gotta love that tarzan track, handpicked by the one and only ODP (old dirty pace/olivia) who jumped in as a guest host with will and mimi this week. the flamin hot seat featured the one and probably only die-hard big things fan, Cassidy, whose father happens to not be a pirate 🙁 we also had local ghost folk punk band The Ragshakers in-studio for an amazingly haunting performance and an interview that we wish could have extended into the depths of time.





  • Run Program: Sentionaughts {will}
    from Beyond the Black Rainbow
  • Paper Planes {will}
    from Slumdog Millionaire
  • The Ride of the Rohirrin {will}
    from The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King
  • Tuesday Night in Memphis {will}
    from Mystery Train
  • The Blue Danube (Excerpt) {will}
    from 2001: A Space Odyssy
  • Lux Aeterna {will}
    from Requiem For a Dream (Winter)
  • Down In Mexico {cassidy}
    from Death Proof
  • Chick Habit {cassidy}
    from Death Proof
  • Apple Blossom {cassidy}
    from Hateful Eight
  • Stuck On The Puzzle {cassidy}
    from Submarine
  • Apples and Tangerines {cassidy}
    from Eagle vs. Shark
  • Trashin' the Camp {olivia}
    from Tarzan
  • Barracuda {mimi}
    from Charlie's Angels
  • Still Hurting {olivia}
    from The Last Five Years

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