Natan Meir | Jewish Cultural Resistance to the Holocaust

Written by on April 22, 2016


Natan Meir, professor and chair of the Judaic Studies department at Portland State University, joins us to discuss the ways in which Jews nonviolently resisted the Nazis. Natan holds his Ph.D in Jewish history from Columbia University. His research has focused on the social and cultural history of East European Jewry, Modern European Jewish history and he teaches an in-depth course on the Shtetl, the Jewish market town of Eastern Europe.

In our interview, we discuss the impact of nonviolent resistance and what forms that resistance took. We discuss the use of music as a means of retaining cultural identity, boosting morale and we look at the legacy of this cultural resistance. The music in this episode comes from contemporary recordings by Adrienne Cooper. The songs are taken from Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater, a collection of Jewish music written and performed during the Shoah.

+ Music and the Holocaust
+ United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Music of the Holocaust





  • Mazel-On a Heym
    Adrienne Cooper
    Ghetto Tango
  • Friling
    Adrienne Cooper
    Ghetto Tango
  • Mues, Mues
    Adrienne Cooper
    Ghetto Tango
  • Fun Der Arbet
    Adrienne Cooper
    Ghetto Tango

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