Anomic Radio @ USC Events’ Paradiso Festival 2017 !

Written by on July 10, 2017

Anomic Radio’s Official Paradiso 2017 Coverage!

We would like to open this review with a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Aaron Silverstein at USC Events for all of his help setting up these interviews and giving us not only the tickets that we gave away for promotion but also our Media passes which got us all over the gorge!

Paradiso Festival is one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the Pacific northwest, and this year ended up SELLING OUT COMPLETELY!

The production and event staff certainly had their hands full with this year’s festival and, in my opinion, did a fantastic job so hats off to all of those people who worked themselves to exhaustion in 100 degree weather just to make sure that everything was perfect for the attendees.

We took tons of photos, got to interview some world class artists, and generally just had an amazing time wandering the gorge listening to the all of the different artists! Without any further delay let’s get into the recap of Anomic Radio’s time at Paradiso Festival 2017!

We arrived at the gorge and spent alot of the first day exploring the festival and seeing what all it had to offer. Here is a schedule photo provided by USC of the incredibly eclectic lineup this year!


Much of our time Day 1 was spent at The Wreckage, the stage that was also known as the “Bass Stage” to many of the festival goers due to it’s lineup of primarily heavier artists and an incredibly powerful PK Trinity sound system. The stage was adorned with jungle vines, stone pillars, and a crashed airplane, it made you feel like you had just crash landed on some crazy isle of bass-worshiping natives.

The Oasis stage would definitely be considered the smallest stage but it was by no means “weak sauce” as they say. The oasis was equipped with a smaller but still incredibly accurate and powerful PK Trinity system, and adorned with more tropical decorations. This stage featured more of the house and groove-based music artists.

Finally, the Paradise Main Stage. While our photos may not do this stage justice, and while The Wreckage may have been a bit more powerful on the audio side. I still think that this stage is such a unique and incredible place to watch music. It is why people travel from all across the world to come to The Gorge Amphitheater for music events, and USC created one of the most beautiful and powerful productions that I have yet to see on that stage.

We were scheduled to interview Flux Pavilion and Doctor P together on Day 1, but due to traffic eating up all of their press time they arrived and had to go right on stage. We apologize to anyone who was excited to hear that interview!

Here are some of our favorite photos from Day 1!

The Wreckage Stage :

Kayzo :

The Oasis Stage : Anna Lunoe

Camo & Krooked :


Dusk @ The Wreckage :

View from VIP :

Zeds Dead @ Paradise Main Stage :

Porter Robinson : 

Day 2 was definitely our busy day this year! We did three interviews and got to spend some time backstage at the artist tent! We were able to sit down with Sharps (who was actually not on the official lineup but was performing B2B2B2B with Francis Derelle, Daimond Pistols, and Holden on a smaller beach stage run by Seattle’s MOViN 92.5 FM), QUIX, and Americo from Boombox Cartel!

Here is the audio from our interviews! We did our best to clean it up but we apologize for any audio quality issues, handheld recording is a learning process and we did our best with what we had with us at the festival.

Artist Interviews – In Order of Playback
Sharps (00:00) :,
QUIX  (07:55) :,
Boombox Cartel (23:30) :,

We would like to thank Sharps, Jonah, and Americo for taking the time to sit down with us! All of these guys are truly amazing artists and great people, if you are not aware of their music please go and check them out! They are touring constantly and will probably be in a city near you sometime soon!

Here are some photos we took backstage and during our interviews!

Riding in a golf cart back to the artist tent after picking up QUIX from backstage at The Wreckage :

Peyton w/ Quix :

Nico w/ Quix

The sun started setting during out sit-down with Americo from Boombox Cartel :
Us playing “Explain dat ‘Gram” with Americo : 

Oh and did I forget to mention that we got to meet one of our favorite producer Bleep Bloop! :

We also got see some more amazing performances and capture incredible moments on the second day!

Here are some of our favorite pictures taken from Day 2!

That Gorge though.. :

QUIX slaying The Wreckage stage :
Americo (Boombox Cartel) sending it up! : Sharps and Francis Derelle : Mija at The Oasis :

Lane 8 got The Oasis groovin’ at dusk :  The Paradise Main Stage at as the sun sets : We definitely do love you Paradiso :  Oh and an extra special shout out to all of the Go-Go Dancers, Fire Spinners, and other performers who were constantly traveling the festival dancing in hot costumes and exhausting themselves all for our enjoyment and amazement! :


Unfortunately, a lot of our photos and videos did not come out with the best quality. Working On-Location out at the gorge is a bit more difficult than doing shows here in Portland, but we hope that we can provide you with some idea of how amazing and top-notch this year’s festival was!

There are so many more people we would like to thank like the Conscious Crew, the event staff, security, medical personell, USC’s booking and promotional staves, the many sound and lighting engineers that it took to put on the stage productions, and of course all of the artists who came and filled that canyon with their music! If we are leaving anyone out we hope you know that you are appreciated!

If you want to attend next year’s Pardiso or any of the many festivals/events that USC puts on in the PNW then please visit





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