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Viking Twang Show 119, February 21, 2017
Good morning, welcome to Viking Twang Episode 119. My name’s Randy Black; happy to see you, as usual.
As you probably know, this weekend is Wintergrass, the big festival that takes over the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bellevue each February. I’ll be working in the Oregon Bluegrass Association suite again this year, so if you’re going up there, be sure to stop by. We’ll always have great music and beer!
The headliner this year is Hot Rize, the great Colorado superband made up of Tim O’Brien, Nick Forster, Pete Wernick, and Bryan Sutton. In our second set, we’re going to play an appearance the band made at WFHB radio in Bloomington, Indiana, just before the 2015 John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom.
In the other two sets, we’ll have some of the other great acts, starting off with Trey Hensley and Rob Ickes, singing about how they’re going to arrive in Bellevue:
1 – Turkey Red; W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground.
2 – Georgia on a Fast Train; Trey Hensley & Rob Ickes. The Nashville performers, Hensley on guitar and Ickes on dobro, from their 2014 album, Before The Sun Goes Down.
3 – America, The Paperboys. British Columbia’s Tom Landa and his latest version of this band, from their 2009 album, Callithump.
4 – Bright Light; Petunia & the Vipers. For me, the highlight of last year’s festival. Another great Canadian band, from their 2011 self-titled album.
5 – The Flying Saucer Motor Court; Red Knuckles & the Trail Blazers. Straight from Wyoming, Montana, an amazing honky tonk band – but you have to know where to look for them.

Hot Rize was one of the most influential bands of the late 1970s through the 1980s. They featured Tim O’Brien, Nick Forster, Pete Wernick, and Charles Sawtelle through those years before retiring in 1990. They made occasional appearances through the 90s before regrouping and putting out a new album in 2004, “When I’m Free,” with Bryan Sutton joining the band after Sawtelle passed away. They’re a phenomenal live band and one not to be missed.

This is an interview and performance from June 8, 2015 on WFHB radio in Bloomington, Indiana.

6 – Hot Rize; Firehouse Sessions, WFHB Radio.

We’ll close out the show with some of the other top performers from this year’s lineup, starting with the great mandolin player, Sierra Hull.

7 – From Now On; Sierra Hull. From her 2008 album, Secrets.
8 – Mollie Put The Kettle On; Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons. This is a Seattle-based duo; from their 2016 album, The North Wind & the Sun.
9 – Don’t Bother Me; Molly O’Brien & Rich Moore. Tim O’Brien’s sister and her husband; a couple of years ago I saw a workshop they gave where they talked about how they reworked this old George Harrison song.
10 – The Drunkard’s Walk; Tim O’Brien. Tim will also be playing some solo sets. This is a single from last year.
11 – Squirrel’s Revenge; Orville Johnson. The Seattle-based dobro player; from his 2000 album, Slide & Joy.
12 – Daybreak In Vegas; The Countrypolitans.





  • Turkey Red
    W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground
  • Georgia on a Fast Train
    Trey Hensley & Rob Ickes
    Before the Sun Goes Down
  • America
    The Paperboys
  • Bright Light
    Petunia & the Vipers
    Petunia & the Vipers
  • The Flying Saucer Motor Court
    Red Knuckles & the Trail Blazers
    Live at Boats and Bluegrass
  • Hot Rize Interview
    WFHB Radio
    Firehouse Sessions
  • From Now On
    Sierra Hull
  • Molly Put the Kettle On
    Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons
    The North Wind & the Sun
  • Don't Bother Me
    Mollie O'Brien & Rich Moore
    Saints & Sinners
  • The Drunkard's Walk
    Tim O'Brien
    The Drunkard's Walk
  • Squirrel's Revenge
    Orville Johnson
    Slide & Joy
  • Daybreak In Vegas
    Tired of Drowning

  • Show Notes & Show Blogs


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