VÉRITÉ @ Doug Fir Lounge May 29 | Preview

Written by J-Bøp on May 23, 2016

VÉRITÉ is performing at Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge on Sunday May 29. Doors are at 7:30 pm, the show starts at 8:30 pm, tickets are $12, and this is a 21+ event.

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Kelsey Byrne, going by VÉRITÉ, is an astounding artist that I personally look forward to seeing perform this Sunday. Working for KPSU, I get a ridiculous amount of emails each day – asking the station to provide artist coverage, radio play, artist interviews, etc. I received a follow up email for an artist I had never heard of (VÉRITÉ), at the same time I was listening to Dark Waves Spotify page, and she happened to be the 3rd artist listed under recommended. Receiving that email at that moment was pure luck, and listening to her latest EP Living was one of the best decisions I have made. I responded to the email without hesitation, personally promised concert coverage myself, and requested an interview before her show in Portland (listen here). I was instantly in love with her music.

Not long after, I found out she was the hardest working artist I have ever heard of. VÉRITÉ has three EPs out, including: EchoSentiment, and now Living. From reading her piece on The Talkhouse, I learned VÉRITÉ worked a 6 am shift at an Applebee’s in Times Square, typically working a 10-12 hour shift, and working anywhere from 4-7 days a week. After the release of her first single, Heartbeat, she was immediately contacted by a variety of labels. All expressing interest in helping fund her music, inviting her to meetings, offering their assistance in mixing and mastering, etc. All of which she declined, and pursued an independent career funded by her tips at Applebee’s. She continued to work at Applebee’s simultaneously, even through her second EP Sentiment, and didn’t quit her job until March of 2015 – before leaving on her first tour. She often worked her 6 am shift up to soundcheck, performed, and clocked in at Applebee’s once again a couple hours later. These days are now thankfully gone, far from forgotten, and have helped shape VÉRITÉ into becoming the artist she is now.

I was not only blown away by her music, but by her story as well. VÉRITÉ is the success story of a true self-funded, independent, artist – she’s performed at massive festivals like Lollapalooza and Firefly, passed 12 million streams on Spotify, headlined her own shows in the U.S. and Europe, and opened for big names like Stars, MS MR, and Tove Lo. This is a must see show for anyone living in Portland, or in any of the other stops in her tour. I’m incredibly excited to see her perform, and eagerly wait for more music from VÉRITÉ.

Listen to her new EP Living below.

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– Written by DJ J-Bøp of ‘All the Singles, Ladies’ // @atslfm on twitter

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Download link takes you to iTunes, where you can buy her new EP: Living





  • Constant Crush
    Living - EP
  • Underdressed
    Living - EP
  • Rest
    Living - EP
  • Gesture
    Living - EP
  • Living
    Living - EP

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