An Interview with The Foxies

Written by J-Bøp on April 21, 2016

The Foxies is the solo act of Julia Lauren Bullock, originally a 4 piece group signed to 8123. They have done a variety of shows, with bands such as: Catfish & the Bottlemen, Joywave, The Technicolors, MRCH, Jet Black Alley Cat, and more. After releasing their first single Floods with 8123, the band received support from other bands under the same label, and were immediately adored by the loyal fans of the 8123 family. On March 17, 2016, the band announced on Twitter Floods was now on iTunes and a 6 track EP would be released soon. Two days later, on March 19, 2016, Julia announced The Foxies would become a solo act and is no longer with 8123. Further explaining to fans that she had a different vision for The Foxies, and to be excited for new music coming soon. Music that she had been waiting a year to release. A month later, and a few shows later, Julia is now being interviewed by me for KPSU 🙂

Interview Summary

Beloved fans of The Foxies, don’t worry! Julia is hard at work and will be releasing new music soon, like really soon, like June of 2016 soon. A 6 track EP titled Oblivion will be released independently, and before the debut EP drops a music video for Floods will be released in May. The Oblivion EP was worked on with familiar names such as Brennan Smiley and Sean Silverman of The Technicolors, and John O’Callaghan of The Maine. The EP was originally meant to be released as a full length concept album, but was cut to 6 tracks to debut The Foxies. However, Julia has enough material for 3 EPs! Aside from touring and music, this interview gets into shenanigans and we talk about cats, cucumbers/pickles, Harry Styles, James Dean, NSYNC, Pat Kirch’s shampoo, man buns, my inability to pump gas, and other random things… But don’t just read this summary, listen to the podcast!

The interview begins roughly 10 minutes into the podcast, the songs played prior to the interview are listed below. To listen to the interview you can use the player at the top of the page, or you can listen by clicking the ‘Click here to download’ near the bottom of the page to download and stream the podcast.

See The Foxies at their next show – Tue May 10, 2016 @ The Rebel Lounge (Phoenix Arizona)

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  • Floods
    The Foxies
    Floods - Single
  • Reckless
    Julia Lauren
    Pillow Talk - EP
  • Head Over My Heart
    Julia Lauren
    Pillow Talk - EP
  • Better
    Julia Lauren
    Pillow Talk - EP

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