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One of the profound influences in modern fingerstyle guitar, Preston Reed is looked up to by the likes of Andy Reed, Antione Dufour, and virtually every other player on the scene.

As a teenager, Reed was initially influenced by Leo Kottke and John Fahey and in the beginning of his career was a more traditional fingerstyle player. In the late 1980s, though, he began to experiment with his own highly individual and percussive style, a short time after Michael Hedges published his first records using some technically similar techniques, but Reed’s approach created very distinctive and different sounding music. 

His guitar style is characterised by the use of percussive effects he generates with both hands on various parts of the guitar body. He names them rim shots and bongo hits.[5] He uses slap and tap techniques like slap harmonics or the generation of notes or whole chords with his left hand (hammer-onpull-off). He uses both hands for tapping (two-hand tapping) and frets chords with his right hand (right-hand fretting). He often plays with both hands from above the guitar’s neck. In many of his compositions, Reed uses altered tunings characterized by very low bass string tunings, for example BGDGAD or CGDGGD. {Wikipedia}






  • Next Time I See You
    Preston Reed
    The Road Less Traveled
  • Hangman
    Preston Reed
    Live in Berlin 2012
  • Shinkanzen
    Preston Reed
    Live in Berlin 2012
  • Far Horizon
    Preston Reed
    Live in Berlin 2012
  • Bongo Guitar
    Preston Reed
    Live in Berlin 2012
  • Ladies Night
    Preston Reed, Andy McKee, Antione Dufour
    Live in Berlin 2012

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