Wild Onion by Twin Peaks – Album Review

Written by on June 1, 2022

Best known for their song Blue Coupe, Twin Peaks (Dudes) are a Chicago based rock/indie band that formed in 2010. Their second major album named “Wild Onion” was released in 2014 and the Twin Peaks dudes began to heighten their popularity. Their music has such a unique, creative and edgy sound.

The album starts off with the song “I Found A New Way”, the perfect way to start off the album. I Found A New Way starts out with a bouncy guitar riff and it sets a perfect base for the rest of the album. This song tells you exactly the kind of vibe the rest of the album will have. The next song on the album is called “Strawberry Smoothie” which is one of my personal favorites off of the album. It starts off super strong and goes right into the upbeat guitar, bass, and drums. The third song on Wild Onion is called Mirror of Time and is much more mellow than the other two songs we’ve heard prior. This song has a bit of a dreamy undertone to it but also sounds very retro, making a very unique sound.

The fourth song on Wild Onion is my second favorite, called Sloop Jay D. The title on this one references the song “Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys. This song also starts off pretty strong like “Strawberry Smoothie” but has more of a bittersweet and melancholy sound. The fifth song is the most popular off of the album, titled “Making Breakfast”. This song starts out with a very catchy guitar riff that makes you want to listen to the rest. There are two vocalists on this song, making a nice contrast between voices.

The next track is pretty short, titled “Strange World”. This one is super dreamy with a powerful rock riff which creates a really cool and unique sound. The next song is Fade Away and it is super upbeat and the most punk-ish song off of the album. Fade away has a similar feel to the song Strawberry Smoothie. “Sweet Thing” is the 8th track off of Wild Onion and it is my personal #1 favorite. This song is a very retro sounding love song that would make anyone feel special. It has a very 60’s heartfelt feel to it.

The next song, “Stranger World” is a short instrumental with a refreshing jazz feel. “Telephone” is the following track and reminds me a lot of a feel-good ‘road trip’ type of song. “Flavor” is the 11th song off of Wild Onion. This one is pretty upbeat and a super fun listen. Ordinary People is up next on the track list and it is one of the most beautiful sounding off of the album. This song has a really unique and dreamy sound to it and reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. Ordinary People is a really nice song to enjoy while on a walk! “Good Lovin'” is up next and this song has a very old-timey classic rock vibe. “Hold On” is the 14th song on the album and the sound reminds me a lot of a feel-good 90’s song like “There She Goes” by The La’s, which I love!

“No Way Out” is the second to last song on the album and it is a really great song to start the beginning of closing out the album. This song sounds a bit similar to “Flavor” as if to reference back to it, and to me, it sounds almost like it’s leading to a resolution. “Mind Frame” is the last song on Wild Onion and it is, you guessed it, another one of my favorites. I love this sound on this one because it reminds me of an end-credits song, which is a perfect way to end an album. The way this song ends sounds like it should continue and go into a bridge, but instead the album comes to a soft end and leaves you wanting more.

Wild Onion is no doubt one of Twin Peak’s best albums, if not the best. This album is a great one if you’re looking for some new indie-rock or garage rock music to get into!!





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