Goodbye Tunacan Jones

Written by on August 25, 2015

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang says farewell to the long running program character actor and sound effects producer Tunacan Jones who is passing to the pastoral pastures of Spokane, Warshington. TJ, as his listeners and fans affectionately refer to him, has provided countless skits and commercials during the program as well as unsurmountable creaking chair and coffee percolating audio since he first became involved in the program in the late ’60s when he was fired from the Closet Radio show by Miss Rikki. Perhaps TJ’s most triumphant performance on WTC was as the absent Noah Mickensduring this past year’s White Noise Christmas, where he magically became the popular PDX circus impresario for the entire podcast. In any case, this will be your last chance to catch TJ’s wacky shenanigans live on WTC before he retires to a life of agriculture and dedicated WoW playing! Shove aside those rumors he’s actually moving to Gresham and not Spokane, this is probably for real this time!





  • Pink Turns to Blue (edit)
    Husker Du
    Zen Arcade
  • Tunacan Spokane Blues in D-
    Tunacan Jones
    Live on What's This Called?
  • Goat Boat
    The Giant Worm
  • Dogs and Cattle Prods
    The Melvins
    Tres Cabrones
  • Dying Diary
    Sons of Amargosa
    Pelucas! ep
  • Jungle Fever Part 3
    Von Helwig
    Jungle Fever
  • Tunacan Spokane Blues in F- Meltdown
    Tunacan Jones and the Wang Family
    Live on What's This Called?

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