29 October 2016 Halloween Collage

Written by on October 29, 2016

This episode of What’s This Called? was crowdsourced for Halloween themed sounds and songs to create an hour long collage of spookiness. Thanks to Patti Braimes, Austin Rich, Kristina Cox, Jeremy Benton Oliveria, Robert Shepard, Nomy Lamm, Ryan A Ray, Tunacan Jones, Paul Pearson, Josh Baker, Patrick Neill Gundran, Kevin McCabe, Zach Zinn, David Fraser, Joe Mabel, Julián Orduña, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Kelly Bloom, Gabriele Marras, John A Hodgson, Ashley Shomo, and Mare Turtletaub for their chilling contributions and spooky suggestions!

This playlist is approximate as most of the tracks were played simultaneously in edited chunks and frequently looped.





  • Halloween Sound Effects
    Walt Disney
    Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
  • Frankenstein
    Edgar Winter Group
    Live 1973
  • Zombie Compromise
    Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
    Savy Show Stoppers
  • The Ways of Ghosts
    Austin Rich
    Reads Ambroce Bierce
  • Journey Into Space
    Austin Rich vs. Ricardo Wang
    What's This Called? 10/10/15
  • Enter Sandman
    Just Crazy Enough
  • The Beast of Sunset Strip
    Eddy Durant
    Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties A Go-Go
  • Elephant Coatrack
    Fate Signals
  • Commercial 1971
    Frankenberry/Count Chocula
    You Tube
  • Opening TV Theme
    The Addams Family
    You Tube
  • Vampire Blues
    Neil Young
    On the Beach
  • The Seance
    Ryan A. Ray
    You Tube
  • The Skeleton Dance
    Super Simple Learning
    Super Simple Songs
  • Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
    Tracy Morgan
    30 Rock
  • Darkness (Plague of Locusts)
    Scott Walker
    Plague Songs
  • My Wall
    Sunn O)))
  • Busk #3
    Uneasy Chairs
    Capitol Hill Light Rail Station
  • Veterans of the Psychic Wars [LIVE]
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Extraterrestrial Live
  • Mental Insane
    Toxic Chicken
  • Airport Roar
    Godzilla 2014
    You Tube
  • Charnel Ground Dancers
    Zach Zinn
    Ten Moon Songs
  • Love's Secret Domain
    Love's Secret Domain
  • Slur
    Horse Rotovator
  • The Killing Moon
    Echo & the Bunnymen
    Ocean Rain
  • Halloween
    Germanotta Youth
    10" split w/ Joy As a Toy
  • It Was Not Meant For Man's Eyes To See
    Fischkopf Sinfoniker
    In Progress
  • The Tenth Key
    Pacific 231
    19 Keys, 19 Bands
  • The Lions and the Cucumber tonwich
    Manfred Hubler
    Vampyros Lesbos
  • The House on the Hill
    The Mummies
    Play Their Own Records
  • Halloween Trick or Treat for UNICEF
    You Tube
  • Dance of the Skeletons
    You Tube
  • Theme Song
    Casper the Friendly Ghost
    You Tube
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost
    Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston
    It's Spooky!
  • Killing of the Witch
    Mort Garson
    The Wozard of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey
  • Haunted Hutch
  • Skeletons
    Inflatable Boy Clams
    You Tube
  • Count Floyd Is Back
    Count Floyd
    Count Floyd Mini-LP
  • Suspira Sountrack Sections
    Suspira Sountrack

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