26 November 2016 (Goodbye Pauline Oliveros)

Written by on November 26, 2016

Damnit 2016, stop already! I wasn’t planning on doing a special memorial show on What’s This Called? this week, but how can we fail to note the passing of one of the great experimental musicians of our era? So we’ll expand the show this week and start at 11 AM Pacific Time on KPSU.org and run all the way to 1 PM with an hour of music by the great Pauline Oliveros¬†followed by the mix I had intended to play before the sad news. (this playlist encapsulates the first hour of just Pauline Oliveros music).





  • Bye Bye Butterfly
    Pauline Oliveros
    Bye Bye Butterfly
  • The Difference Between Hearing and Listening
    Pauline Oliveros
    TED Talks
  • Alien Bog
    Pauline Oliveros
    Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop
  • A Love Song
    Pauline Oliveros
    The Well and the Gentle

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