35. Diecisiete (Happy New Year!)

Written by on January 9, 2017

This podcast is recorded in Spanish, but you can drop by and listen! It’s a podcast dedicated to every Spanish speaker and Spanish-speaking community, as well as my family in the U.S. and Mexico. Sometimes bilingual or Spanish-speaking artists are underrepresented on the radio, but this podcast changes that for one hour. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy! -TH

Happy New Year, everyone! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bienvenidos al dos mil diecisiete.

I am definitely happy to live another year with everyone. 2016 has been…interesting.

Politically, it hasn’t gone well (for my standards, at least). What I was hoping for didn’t happen and what I was fearing has happened. With that, I see this year full of opportunities to raise my voice and speak out for the hopeless and distraught. There will be rough times ahead, but I believe American society can make it.

Academically, there were a few changes I decided to pursue. I started with a Computer Engineering major and ended down the Mathematics major. From what I gathered, engineering and Computer Science placed a lot of stress on my mind. Feeling unhappy, sleepless, and constantly sick (with a moment of chest pain), Computer Engineering wasn’t for me. Now I’m on Mathematics and I love it! I plan to continue my education with a Master’s in Education at the GSE in PSU. I do want to come back to Forest Grove as a high school teacher because my heart keeps coming back there to teach, inspire, and care for my community.

At work, I’ve improved (and still aim for improvement) while I also established professional relationships at the office and around coworkers. Most of them were great to talk to and I appreciate their help. I enjoy my job, got promoted, and continue to work at the TAPS department. I hope it stays that way until I finish my educational career.

In terms of relationships (romantic, family, and neither of the two), they have improved! Alisa and I continue to build our relationship while learning more about each other. My family’s emotionally close from the trip to Mexico and we keep in touch. A couple of friends I used to talk to years ago have come back! Plus, new friendships have been made in college and at work.

It’s a lot I’m writing about for a radio show, but it’s also a place to express what I’m feeling. I’ve been almost a year into this station and I thought it would be fair to share a part of myself to you!

Here’s to 2017 and all of its mysteries. Thank you and have a great year!

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  • Cumbia De Los Pajaritos
    Los Mirlos
  • El Diario De Un Borracho
    Aniceto Molina
    Señor Tabernero
  • La Guaracha Del Tren
    Los De Akino
  • Caña De Azucar
    Grupo Kual
  • Yo Soy Tu Maestro
    Los Telez
    XVII Generaciones Compartiendo Con Los Telez
  • La Cumbia Huerfanita
    Los De Akino
  • La Cumbia De La Vaca
    Grupo Jalado
  • El Campanero - Versión Vivo
    Aniceto Molina
    Señor Tabernero
  • Mis Sentimientos - Vivo (feat. Ximena Sariñana)
    Los Ángeles Azules
  • Dónde Estarás
    La Apuesta
    ¿Dónde Estarás?
  • Caballo Viejo
    Roberto Torres
    Grandes Soneros de la Epoca

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