S2 Ep 2 Rainy Day for Low Feelings

Written by on October 9, 2016

  • Day by day rhymes to go

This is Dj Niko Treecko frappuccino down with that mix today focused on hip hop of all eras, digging into tunes some of which I have never sat down and listened to.

This teamup makes for a decent headbanger, though a low charged one. It is five guys on one track.


The Gza comes onto the last part of the show but this song is truly incredible. This is before Enter the Wutang (36 Chambers) or Liquid Swords, though songs from both those projects were in development before even this album.

The combined force that is Pro Era builds well on this more modern yet deep rooted beat.

Terminator X to the Edge of Panic is destructive, heavy, and thwarting of interpretation. Chuck D keeps his focus clear, more than willing to paint a picture.


Track listing:

pete rock – Best secret
mf doom – The fines
2pac- when my homie calls
Onyx – shut em down
Lords of the underground – chief rocka
Parking lot imposters – something different
Eric b and rakim – follow the leader
Count bass d – seven years
2pac- got my mind made up
Pro era – like water
Public enemy – terminator x to the edge of panic
Nastradoomus mobb deep & mf doom – family remix
Gza – what are silly girls made of
Astro black – quasimoto





  • Best Secret
    Pete Rock & Lords of the Underground
    NY's Finest
  • The Fines
    MF Doom
  • If My Homie Calls
    2pacalypse Now
  • Shut Em Down
    Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Back
  • Chief Rocka
    Lords of the Underground
    Here Come the Lords
  • Something Different
    Parking Lot Imposters
  • Follow the Leader
    Eric B & Rakim
    Follow the Leader
  • Seven Days
    Count Bass D
    Dwight Spitz
  • Got My Mind Made Up
    All Eyez On Me
  • Like Water
    Pro ERA
    P.E.E.P. The Aprocalypse
  • Terminator X to the Edge of Panic
    Public Enemy
    It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
  • Family (remix)
    MF Doom & Mobb Deep & Nas
  • What Are Silly Girls Made Of
    Words from the Genius
  • Astro Black
    The Unseen

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