Lazy Saturday Afternoon, Pt. 1

Written by on June 15, 2015

Hey folks, I stepped into the booth for a few hours this past Saturday and seeing as no one came around to kick me out, I doubled the normal dosage of my show. Featuring musicians that generally fall under either the “folk” or “singer/songwriter” variety, here’s hour one of Lazy Saturday Afternoon:

Y La BambaBandcamp // Facebook // Website

Alela DianeFacebook // Website

Julie DoironFacebook

Johanna WarrenBandcamp // Facebook // Website
Her new album, nūmūn, is absolutely wonderful. If you enjoyed “Black Moss” during the show, head on over to her band camp and give the record some love.

Shana Cleveland & The SandcastlesBandcamp // Website
Also check out her “other” band, La Luz

Larkin GrimmWebsite

Rio en MedioSoundcloud

Matteah BaimFacebook // Website

Samara LubelskiWebsite

The Weather StationBandcamp // Facebook // Website

Jess WilliamsonBandcamp // Facebook // Website

Marissa NadlerBandcamp // Facebook // Website





  • Ponce Pilato
    Y La Bamba
    Court the Storm
  • Lost Land (Acoustic)
    Alela Diane
    About Farewell B-Sides & Scenic Burrows Session
  • The Songwriter
    Julie Doiron
    Julie Doiron & Okkervil River
  • Black Moss
    Johanna Warren
  • Holy Rollers
    Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles
    Oh Man, Cover the Ground
  • Without a Body or a Numb and Useless Mind
    Larkin Grimm
    Soul Retrieval
  • Everyone Is Someone's
    Rio en Medio
    The Bride of Dynamite
  • Blossom
    Matteah Baim
    Falling Theater
  • The Nice Price
    Samara Lubelski
  • The Way It Is, The Way It Could Be
    The Weather Station
  • I Have Studied You
    Jess Williamson
    The Medicine Wheel/Death Songs
  • Dead City Emily
    Marissa Nadler

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