Had a Bad Day, Bro?

Written by on July 10, 2015

I don’t really remember why I wanted to call tonight’s playlist “Had a Bad Day, Bro?” but I don’t feel like changing it. Matches the overall mood of the last week, or something. Besides, who doesn’t want to be called a bro?

A lady. Ladies don’t really like that, unless you’re being ironic.

Fun fact: Willamette Week reported the difference between female/minority wage earners in comparison to white males in Multnomah County, which seemed significantly lower than, you  know, what “equal” should be. Local indie feminist record label M’Lady’s Records then responded by offering their US female fan base the honor of paying only 77% of retail price with an addendum that added, ahem: “dudebros that grouse about this will have to pay double.” What age are we living in again? Oh right, one where the US Supreme Court has to approve nationwide gay marriage for widespread acceptance and a group of adolescent boys burn down a historic stadium in Eugene. Anywho, consider me a lifelong fan of M’Lady’s. Rad move, guys.

Here are some other rad females playing in tonight’s episode of The Muse of Music:

SalvadarlingsFacebook // Website

Divorcee – Bandcamp
Yoni Wolf (of Why?) and Anna Stewart were lovers. Now, they’re bandmates. That’s definitely one way to work through your relationship drama.

Mitski – Bandcamp // Facebook // Website
KPSU’s music director/professional Mitski impersonator Lanny Lieu said it best during the Eskimeaux/Mitski/Elvis Depressedly show last week: “this is one role model America needs.”

Allison Crutchfield Bandcamp
Allison has a twin. Her twin’s name is Katie. Katie Crutchfield plays under the name of Waxahatchee. Cool, right? Anyway, Allison has her own band as well and its called Swearin’.

Veruca Salt – Facebook // Website
Following Nina Gordon’s return, their new album in years, Ghost Notes, was released TODAY via El Camino Records. I’ve already classified this record as one the best this year has heard to date because VERUCA SALT.

Shunkan – Bandcamp // Facebook // Website
Shunkan belongs to 20-year-old Marina Sakimoto from New Zealand. Expect to see her featured on The Muse In Music again…and again…and ag–you get the point.

Mega Bog – Bandcamp // Facebook

Faith Healer (formerly jj) – Bandcamp // Facebook

Two Sheds – Bandcamp // Facebook // Website

Cold Beat –  Facebook // Website
“Cracks” is the most recent single from San Francisco-based Cold Beat, from their forthcoming album, Into the Air, out Sept. 4th on Crime On The Moon.

Painted Zeros – Bandcamp // Facebook

Cassie Ramone – Website
Exactly what constitutes Ramone’s career that demands your utmost respect? Well, she’s 1/3 Vivian Girls and 1/2 The Babies (side project with one of my beloveds, Kevin Morby). That alone, along with her solo stuff, is quite the resume.

Rima Kato – Facebook // Website





  • Soda Shark
  • Thoughts of a Man
  • I Will
    Bury Me At Makeout Creek
  • No One Talks
    Allison Crutchfield
    Lean In To It
  • Lost To Me
    Veruca Salt
    Ghost Notes
  • Dust In Your Eyes
    Honey, Milk and Blood
  • Year of Patience
    Mega Bog
    Gone Banana
  • Infinite Return
    Faith Healer
    Cosmic Troubles
  • Come Home
    Two Sheds
  • Cracks
    Cold Beat
    Into the Air
  • This American Life
    Painted Zeros
  • Song of Love
    Cassie Ramone
    The Time Has Come
  • I Fall SIlence
    Rima Kato
    Faintly Lit

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