“The Backside”, Thursday, July 13, 2017

Written by on July 13, 2017

A show filled with lots of first-time “The Backside”-played music.  The show starts off with one of Host, David Aboud’s favorite songs–a Khymera track titled “Say It With Love”.  The show is a blend of contemporary rock titles and artists –the likes of Auras, Places of Power, more Khymera, and a track from Find Me–with a mix of soft pop–Warren Wiebe’s beautiful song “I Believe in Us”;  Hip Hop/Rap artist, P.M. Dawn with his piano-backed track”I’d Die Without You”;  the R&B of Mariah Carey’s “Till the End of Time”;  and toss in a couple of songs out of 1987–2am’s “You’re the One”, and closing out the show with David Pack–“Anywhere You Go”.  The feature artist in “In The Spotlight” is Sweden’s Agnetha Faltskog–formerly with ABBA, then gone solo.  Her “feature” song being “I Wasn’t the One(Who Said Goodbye) produced and co-sung by Peter Cetera(Formerly of the band Chicago).  Definitely, a variety of tastes.   Hope you enjoy(ed) the show.

All information regarding Khymera and Agnetha Faltskog courtesy of Wikipedia online and rateyourmusic.com.

Thanks for listening,

Take care out there,

David Aboud,

Host, “The Backside”





  • Say It With Love
  • Hungry Hearts
    New Generation
  • You're the One
    When Every Second Counts
  • Desires of Our Hearts
    Places of Power
    Now is the Hour
  • Land of Golden Dreams
    The Grand Design
  • I Wasn't the One(Who Said Goodbye)
    Agnetha Faltskog
    I Stand Alone
  • I'd Die WithoutYou
    P.M. Dawn
    The Best of P.M. Dawn
  • I Believe in Us
    Warren Wiebe
  • Till the End of Time
    Mariah Carey
  • Face to Face
    Find Me
    Dark Angel
  • Anywhere You Go
    David Pack
    Anywhere You Go

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