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This week we go full throttle estrogen, featuring music by all female artists and female-fronted bands! Everything from acoustic folk and singer-songwriter fare to growly punk and alternative and some truly indefinable chic genius. Update: Link should now be functional! Episode 22; Original Air Date:  11-29-15

As I’ve said before, CHICKS ROCK! It’s just a simple fact. Sure some of this personal opinion may be due to a simple appreciation, on my part, of the divergent differences. Regardless the how and why that they came about. These differences between men and women, offer a base for a different perspective on this […]

Not a comprehensive compendium of the best females in Rock. More of a page from a lengthy personal lists of some of my favorite female artists. My only delineation, that the woman be the primary artist. She could be a front woman, or singular singer songwriter, but she must have song credit and be either highly […]


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