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Bathroom Selfies | “Cemeteries // Track & Field Records Interview” 6/30 Introducing a new series on The Muse In Music called Bathroom Selfies, featuring myself (Jo) and KPSU’s music director and founder of Chill Chill PR, Lanny Lieu. For the first show, we sat down with Kyle Reigle (Cemeteries/Snowbeast Records), Kate Davis (Track & Field Records), […]

  Jo & Lanny talk to an awkward group of people: Kyle Reigle (Cemeteries), Kate Davis (Track and Field Records), Ivan Gagatsko (The Sweater I Gave You). We discussed the new Cemeteries’ album, Barrow, the new Azul Toga EP, and Track and Field Records’ upcoming releases and plans!

This Week: Drunk men, eel rain, and 2,000 escaped piglets in the Newsroom Guest appearance by Chris’ brother, Jonny Lee Russian Discussion: the afterlife and human cloning. Pop Quiz: Would you have sex with yourself?

What has tour been like for you guys? Clay: It’s awesome. We all get along very well. We try to do fun stuff in between shows just to keep it not monotonous. We try to take advantage of the places we get to go to. Alex: It’s been very centering. When we started playing together […]

This week, on an especially saucy episode of the Chopping Block: The Newsroom reports on ancient snakes with legs and spiders raining from the skies of Australia Russian Discussion leads to a heated debate over gun control An exclusive interview with Air Bud and guest appearances by Kate Stubblefield and KPSU DJ Pete LaMalfa  

This week’s show is a special two-hour edition– hear The Weepies new album “Sirens” in full with special track commentary from Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. Download Part 1 & Part 2. Special thanks to The Weepies.

For the last week of AMP KPSU 2014, I had Los Angeles brat pop duo, HOLYCHILD, come into KPSU for a live interview. We talk origins, feminism, and Washington D.C.  *interview starts at 5:30*

Last week I talked with Jesse Epstein (Imaginary Future) about his new album, “Sunlight.”  The album is a new, happier sound for Imaginary Future — 11 songs inspired by 11 years spent with his new wife, Kina Grannis.  On today’s show you can hear the whole album, start to finish, as well as commentary from […]

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Seattle producer and multi-instrumentalist, Josh Karp also known as Budo, before his rare solo set at Treefort Music Festival.  We talked about his life, his new record, and the importance behind the most recent D’Angelo and Kendrick releases. What have you been up to recently? Things have been […]

Jordan Hatzialexiou (L) and Matt Ogle (R) make up CUFF LYNX, based out of Seattle. I had the opportunity to chat with the two of them as well as their manager, Austin Santiago, at Treefort Festival last week in Boise, Idaho. Their heavily electronic and synth-saturated sound makes it hard to stand still while enjoying one of […]


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