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Oxygene therapy is sometimes necessary, especially in the land of the flakes. Even with the best of assumptions and intentions, conformity of thought is always an epic fail. To wit: sharing a default positive value system does not an authentic choice make. People need to hear the words of Nietzsche. No, not the bit about […]

Nothing pithy or clever about my music selections springs to mind. Nor do I have any blinding insights into the human condition, or about the state of the universe in general. At the moment I feel that I can’t do better than simply cut and paste the lyrics to “Old and Wise”. As far as my […]

It was never gonna turn out too good. We’d better be prepared for an onslaught of illogic so grandiose as to make all previous spectacles of idiocy look puny and weak. Band together with your people. Fight the Picture Makers now, but be ever mindful of that crucial bit about pens and swords. The demons of the […]

All is not what it appears. In 1984, technology had not yet advanced sufficiently to render a computer animated agent as convincing as Max Headroom. By necessity, famously, Matt Frewer donned the prosthetics and gave us the first performances by a simulated simulated character. The expertise of a team of professionals, and hundreds of thousands […]

The Fermi Paradox is hardly so; to an enlightened consciousness, the solution seems self-evident. Roddenberry and Coon codified the Prime Directive, enshrined it in canon. And yet, isn’t it blindingly obvious that a Kardashev Type Zero civilization is of little interest to anyone out there? Furthermore, we should be grateful for our insignificance, lest new cookbooks be […]

Scientists have successfully engineered an organism that can form carbon-silicon bonds. Presumably this will enable remote firmware upgrades to our immune systems. Either that, or send homo sapiens directly into a memory hole, the dustbin of history. I, for one, welcome our new horta overlords. Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos. In any event, I want […]

The latest word from our studio is that the world is insane at the moment. The hegemony of In God We Trust, Inc. seems a welcome alternative history when confronted with a reality too disturbing to contemplate. And so we find solace in the warm embrace of illusion. A terrifying hallucination can help to take our minds off of […]

In this week’s episode of Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern, the last electrician laments the passing of his way of life. Planned obsolescence is hyper-impermanence driven by the scheming of so-called “rational agents”; it’s a Black Mirror script waiting to be written. Meanwhile, multiple sources confirm that all buildings not only have character, but they are characters. Moving […]

Returning to the KPSU booth after a work-induced hiatus, Dr. Yo presents to you: The Spooky Set. It’s a seasonal excursion into the macabre, a meditation upon impermanence. Fictional tragedies and supernatural tales entertain, but pale by comparison to the horror induced by accurate historical descriptions. I resisted the temptation to simply play the soundtrack to Stranger Things and walk away, if only because […]

Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern returns from summer break, shining brightly as ever. The lantern’s collimated beam illuminates antiques, curios, and Fortean phenomena alike. The sweetest treat, of course, is Sugar Kane. But we shan’t overlook the significance of Ron Nasty and Dirk McQuickly’s socioeconomic poetry, nor Dr. Frank’s semiotic analysis of linguistic anomalies in youth culture. We all […]


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