Hot Pot City Review: Eating in Portland is nothing to take too lightly. With a plethora of delicious , soups salads, entrees, and appetizers (tapas as my people call them) it can be overwhelming. Frankly, I like to keep it simple, the food carts by the engineering building are home to some of my favorite gems. If you haven't had the meat lunch from the Indian food cart, RUN don't walk to "Taste of India" and order it, just make sure its between 10:30 and 3:30 (big window for a lunch special, huh?)!!!! But today's review is all about a different part of Asia [img] /Users/jordancampbell/Desktop/c01_20572561.jpg China…… Home of Hot Pot, a Chinese tradition for over 1,000 years. It has been said that Genghis Khan wrote out the the recipe himself. But now with the power of the internet, we can see what people really think. Roylat E. on Yelp says, "Truly a hidden gem" Campbell C. writes, "Ma La broth and the marinated chicken meat is the best... And ponzu sauce" Ricci L remarked, "All these Asian people can't be wrong, right?" But in all seriousness, Hot Pot City is one of the best places to eat in Portland, and perfect on these cold winter days. An all you can eat buffet is perfect for the limited budget of a student. I came in here my Sophomore year with some friends on a particularly cold day, and we all fell in love with the delicious meats, crisp vegetables, and savory sauces.
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