The Cactus Channel Release Date: 8/13/2012
It’s cool that these young kids from Australia put together a tight funk album. As the casual listener I am told funk is all about being tight, and that is one definite thing you can say about Haptics: it is tight. From here I really want to music to simply stand up for itself and be the overwhelming definition of this band. But the facts either get in the way or enrich the experience, generally the latter. The fact that these are recent high school graduates makes the tight, self-arranged tracks all the more impressive. The fact they’re from Australia creates an odd response from the people I’ve engaged in critical conversation concerning this group. Some find it as surprising as their age. Others feel as though this nationality fact somehow completes the picture of the band (because surely American teenagers couldn’t make funk this good). Still I’m left wishing we could just take the music at face value and absorb this funk laid in front of us like a five course creole feast complete with crawdad, gumbo, collard greens and the best corn bread we’ve ever had. It doesn’t happen that way for two reasons. Reason #1! This is review and reviews demand those facts otherwise it’s not really a review. Reason #2! Maybe it’s funk that does it, maybe they still need a lot of room to grow as writers and musicians (which is great because they have ample time and space for growth having come together at such a young age), but in the end the album just bleeds together and all sounds the same. It is so easy to put this on and forget about it. The first two tracks really get you, and yeah! these guys are good! What? They’re 19? Wow! Then by track six you’re engrossed in conversation about the cool hostess from that steak house last week who totally flirted with you, but you have a girlfriend then the what if game ensues. Now the album is over. Those first two tracks kept it playing, and the rest of the rhythm is good, pretty upbeat, no reason to turn it off. That is Haptics.
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