toussaint morrison toussaint morrison is not my boyfriend
This is perfect for everything our generation finds “cool”. Cool hip-hop, cool lyrics, cool themes and it’s all generated towards the college age and the college experience. This album seems to encapsulate every social idea/conversation I’ve had around and about college. Everything from the kegger, the morning after, the mindless drone mid-terms we all stayed up for the past 48 hours studying, the deep, meaningful, painful, hilarious, insightful conversations you have with your friends or people you just met in class and connected and took a moment after class to chat over a pint. Sometimes these conversations are about cancer. Sometimes they’re about Descartes. Sometimes you just want to get laid. Toussaint Morrison wraps it all up into an album he calls a mixed tape. The finished product is a very cool sound with real topics and party tracks. Everything you could ask for out of a record.
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