Wax Tailor Dusty Rainbow From The Dark
This is some Wax Tailor at his height! The man mixes cool sounds, develops entertaning/thoughful concepts and delivers on a groove. His fourth album follows that profile to a T. I go on and on about the awesome rhythm this album brings to drive home the point that the next sentence is not criticism. The album is a commitment. This is not something you can just throw in the mix and leave with a satisfied feeling. There are a couple of tracks that hold up to the standard flow of a typical electro hip-pop - particularly the ones featuring wonderfully referenced soulful-jazz, hip-hop and pop singers like Shana Hennigan, Jennifer Charles, and Mattic - but once you make that commitment you see this album is more of than the sum of its songs. It’s not a journey I feel like taking frequently, a journey not unlike watching Drive - I’m glad I saw it, great movie, I don’t need to see it again. This is a bit different commitment from a movie, obviously (and considerably lighter than Drive). It’s easier to return to certain parts in that nostalgic sense and the awesome journey is a worthy trip in all sense of the word. Sit down, light up whatever you need to, fill up the glass with coffee or whiskey or both, then sit back and enjoy the 53 minute commitment. There is something in it for everyone.
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