Mindless Self Indulgence If
Mindless Self Indulgence’s album, If , which came out four years ago, is their best album in my opinion. There are few CD’s out there where I like every single individual song on the album and If is one of them. I got into Mindless Self Indulgence before I was even in high school, mostly because my older sister listened to them and she greatly influenced my taste in music back them. However, I still listen to Mindless Self Indulgence whereas she does not. There are a few humorous songs on this album including the song “Get it Up” (it is just like it sounds) and the song “Issues”. The lyrics are something to be appreciated and really pay attention to. Some of my personal favorites on the album include: “Never Wanted to Dance”, “Prescription”, and “Lights Out”. Although, I would gladly listen to any songs on this album over and over again. Many Mindless Self Indulgence fans, including one Hot Topic worker I talked to four years ago about the album, fine this to be their worst album. I couldn’t disagree more. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy music from their earlier albums but it doesn’t have the same quality as the songs from If. Mindless Self Indulgence will continue to be one of my favorite bands, however I wouldn’t recommend their music to everyone. You have to have a certain taste for it, almost an acquired one.
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