Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, m.A.A.d City
Kendrick Lamar’s good kid .M.A.A.D. City is one of the best new Hip Hop albums to be released in the past few years. People are quickly calling this a classic debut album, up among the greats such as Nas’s Illmatic debut. Kendrick has been on people’s potential great MC’s list for some time now, but this debut he may just be legit. It’s hard for artist to make a great impact in the first time releasing their own work. People have to not only get a sense of who you are as a musician but also like the style. Kendrick flawlessly pulls off both in a way that seems too easy. The first song, Sherane, starts the album with a smooth vibe that tells Kendrick’s story of living in Compton, California. He describes his relationship to a girl and his friends and how, being young, he wrestles with the temptations to follow the evils that occur in his hood. At the end of nearly every song he has snippets of either voicemails or recordings of his friends and family. His family tells him to avoid the gang life and to not become a statistic living in this environment. While his friends fuel the thug life aspect as they ride around looking for trouble. Each song tells a different aspect of Kendrick’s early life and as you listen you can both see and feel what he’s gone through. The Art Of Peer Pressure projects Kendrick’s role with his friends and how he just wants to fit in. Where in, good kid, he raps about how he’s alone in this crazy, violent city and just wants to do good by his family. The album is a roller coaster of ups and downs through his life and how he eventually gets to becoming the rapper he is today. As we get to the end, Sing About Me, he realizes that if he stays on the troubled path then he’s doomed to be lost to the city that has already claimed millions like him. In conclusion this album is not only Kendrick Lamar’s album, but his story of his life as well. People appreciate this album because it’s so honest. And not to mention the beats and his flows are always on point. So I definitely recommend this album to any true Hip Hop fan looking for something fresh.
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