DayDoorSour steamrolls DeadHorseHour
Author: Chap Assaurus
The giving spirit during the holidays struck me unexpectedly. The overwhelming generosity left me flush and as a result I kind of went hog wild on new vinyl. Now, normally when shopping for new vinyl I've the tendency to go in with a game plan, and while it may appear as though I did, I never intended to wind up with as much world electronica as I did. I don't know if it's because I've opened myself up to allow more electronic music into my life, or because of all the stellar releases over the last three months, or some perfect storm of the two, but in any case I ended up with quite a haul. DayDoorSour this week is going to be a globetrotting electronic affair touching upon such countries as Iran, Japan, Cameroon, Germany, Chicago--that's somewhere in the middle-east, right?, and Jamaica.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that the classic country show will have to go on hold for another week. Granted, I also pulled in quite the line-up of classic country titles, such as the second Buck Owens LP, and the third and forth Webb Pierce LP's as well as a bevy of 45's, (which reminds me, I'm planning to re-run the 45 single show in it's entirety due to a download malfunction), and a surprise sealed copy of everyone's favorite female artist's 1st solo LP, (did that give it away? I hope not.)

Dead Horse Hour will return next Tuesday Jan. 15th at 3pm and should remain the primary show I run through the remainder of Jan., though with Feb. as Pat Rogers birthday month it's anybody's guess as to what kind shenanigans he have me up to.