Does killing the jack-ass Pat Rogers count as a Dead Horse
Author: Chap Assaurus
Committing to an all vinyl show is taking its toll on me, and my trusty assistant Pat Rogers is flaking on his end of the bargain; lugging the records around with him. He whined, this week, one too many times. Next week will be that much more difficult, what with finals, so I've decided to make it easy on him by doing a 45 single only Dead Horse Hour. Because of his recent I-5 yo-yo trip, one in which he acquired well over 40 records, (10 of which were 45 singles), I'll be able to swing an all 45 single show. As we began the process of uncovering just what to play, he reminded me of the small collection of Starday Records 45's I had found at a rummage sale in Scappoose, early last spring. He or I haven't listened to those since I had acquired them. I'm really looking forward to playing the Warren Robb single, such a dark, downer number. Hell, both sides are perhaps the most depressing Country and Western songs I have ever heard, far beyond the cliche divorcee crashing his truck and killing his dog dreck. If there was any fear of stray Reed students hearing it and getting dim ideas of early departures I'd demur, but it's not quite the right time for that, anyway. To fill out the set I may have to replay a couple artists, but I think everyone has forgiven Waylon Jennings by now, so I can double up on him, and I don't much care what anyone thinks if I play two by Merle.