Been feeling daze & confused?: Tonight at 9PM!
Author: melvin buttonica
sm_ID></center></a><p><br/><p><br/><p><br/><br/>It’s really hard to try and explain to someone that your head has become riddled with don’t-give-a-fuck feelings towards everything, and that despite the appeal  (i guess?), that you don’t want to be stuck this way anymore. I was mopping at work the other night and I kept writing a comic storyboard in my head that followed a character, Mergrargh Chump-o, an embodied version of this frustrated feeling at my own nonchalant disregard of everything… frustrated, confused and empty too. His life isn’t full of shenannies, instead, his life is one giant, combustible shennany. Perhaps in the future, Mergrargh Chump-o will make some kind of appearance here, but for now he remains a little too crass, so this here playlist is a tame, intangible version of Sir Chump-o. I guess a lot of the things that I’m into seem to address the idea that this lax attitude breeds an insane incredulity towards the world around you. Why the fuck isn’t anyone else awake to this?! FUCK!! I hope it’s only for now that we find ourselves stuck in-between worse and better days.<br/><br/>-Sinnamon

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