The Mysterious Case of Estocar
Author: Miss Rikki

Once upon a rainy November afternoon, three wayward fellows armed with musical instruments, the Spirit of Ralph Macchio, a glint of determination in their eyes, and a six-pack of pudding (just in case), darkened the doorstep of the infamous KPSU studios. They obviously spoke the language of Rock 'n Roll, but with the recent outbreak of band impersonations one can never be too sure, so naturally I took a fighting stance. In a startled panic, they offered tiny cups of gelatinous chocolate swirls and affirmed they were indeed the genuine Estocar. Having traveled many miles from a mysterious land referred to as “Seattle” and picking up a fellow wayward key-man along the way, their appearance was sudden and mighty. This was a band that belonged on Closet Radio.

Luckily, this was the same exact afternoon that former Saturday Experimentalist DJ Austin Rich of Blasphuphmus Radio had also stopped in wearing his authentic Sound Engineer hat. Offering his skills in audio wizardry, the process was seamless and only hurt for a second. Exactly two seconds later, he was ready to step in as co-host as well. The post-punk magic of Estocar was now ready to be brought into your most private of spaces.

*The story you have read is kind of true. No names have been changed because no one is innocent. For your listening pleasure, both hours of this rock 'n roll adventure through time, space, and Ian Curtis' pockets can be heard by merely clicking on the following links.

Hour 1 - featuring an in-studio performance and interview with Estocar.

Hour 2 – featuring music chosen by Estocar and commentary by Miss Rikki and Austin Rich.

KPSU Playlist for this episode.

Here is a video sample in case you're still skeptical.

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