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Written by on September 8, 2017

Charley from The Heavy Hustle came into the KPSU studio to sit down and chat with me on my show. We listened to a lot of favorites from his music collection as well as upcoming artists from the show he helped curate for September 7th at the Holocene >>>GET WEIRD<<<. We featured songs from artist’s on the lineup, such as Karma Rivera, Courtney Noe, ADDverse Effects, and Robot Jurassic.

Charley himself is a multi-instrument super talented musician who came from playing drums in the 4th grade at 8 years old to playing in a multitude of bands with different genres that now create a special sound within his projects everywhere he goes. He has many plans for the future and definitely be on the look out for this group of individuals as they create a new scene in the Portland, Oregon area. The Heavy Hustle group consists of a synth player, guitarist (who also sings), a bassist, a singer (Charley), and a drummer. They really killed their slot at the event and are all super talented as well.



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I was planning on having this posted before the event but after going to the event now I wanted to talk a little bit about the artists that showed up and the event it self! This was truly a fun night at the Holocene.

All of the artists that were there are super talented and have a ton of fun on the stage. To start off the night, Robot Jurassic tore up with some epic prog rock style jams coming all the way out from Maryland to start off their tour through the states!

Next on stage was ADDverse Effects which is a live hip hop band consisting of a guitar, a synth player, a drummer, a bassist, and a rapper. Oh and did I mention the drummer raps as well. A favorite song they played was “Candy” which is a song based around all the candies of the world but with a dirty spin on it. Check them out down below, they are from Portland as well!

Then The Heavy Hustle came on to open up there set with a Bowie classic which they slayed and then a couple original tracks before they brought on yet another artist onto the stage.

Courtney Noe!!! She knows how to put on a performance as well as sing. Singing a few of her originals, she can belt high notes and dance on a next level. Make sure to check this Portland Original artist out!

The show must go on it seems though as The Heavy Hustle followed with some more awesome originals of their own as well as a few covers that were out of this world. Charley himself knows how to put on a show as well coming down into the crowd and getting people riled up!

If not to say that wasn’t enough they brought out Karma Rivera who is a whole new level of fun when she raps. She spends most of her time in the audience rapping right in front of you which is absolutely awesome. She knows how to rap hard to bringing a lot of old school samples into her songs gives he a specific sound as well. Check her out below!







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