Thaddeus Weck – Forest Conservation – Native Habitat At the Narrowest Section of The Isthmus of Central America

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on February 4, 2016


Tonight on Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) we are interviewing Thaddeus Weck a partner in Rainforest Capital Management.

Check out the Podcast here at KPSU, Mixcloud or Soundcloud.

The Mamoni Valley in Panama is the largest project under management.  8000 acres of conservation property.  The property is remote and adjacent to a national park and the Kuna Yala a large indigenous region in Panama that spans the Caribbean side of panama from near the canal to the Darien. The project aims to develop the area into a minimal impact, eco-friendly and sustainable solution to human impacts which threaten the rich biodiversity of the region.

To learn more about Rainforest Capital Management and The Mamoni 100 check out these links:





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