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Vaughn Brothers

Crooked Jades

Greg Clarke

Viking Twang Episode 81, March 8, 2016
Good morning, welcome to Viking Twang Episode 81. My name is Randy Black, always a pleasure to be here. It’s Dead Week here at Portland State, the week before finals, and I bet most of you are tired of dealing with words right now. So we’re going to have an all-instrumental show this week. Just a slight bit of talking, here from either Jimmy or Stevie Ray Vaughn:
1 — Turkey Red; W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground.
2 – D/Fw; the Vaughn Brothers. From Jimmy & Stevie Ray’s 1990 album, Family Style.
3 – Brownie’s Stomp; Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies. From one of his first recording sessions in 1934 at the Texas Hotel in San Antonio, with Cecil Brower on the fiddle, Derwood Brown on the guitar. Ocie Stockard on banjo, Fred Calhoun on piano, and Wanna Coffman on bass.
4 – Buffalo Polka; Retta and the Smart Fellas. The Portland band, from their 2003 album, with Jesse Johnson on guitar, Kevin Healey on fiddle, Jim Goodwin on piano, and Bill Uhlig on bass.
5 – Dill Pickle Rag, Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys. Live at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963.
6 –Vieux Crowley; Beausoliel. The Doucet Brothers, from their 1993 collection, Bayou Delux.
7 – Gallaway Rambler/Niamhs Frolic/Star of Munster; Seamus Eagan. This is from the first Pickathon, in 2000, when it was out at Horning’s Hideout.
Second Set: Here’s Marilee Hord and Portland’s Golden Delicious, channeling Kenny Baker on Jerusalem Ridge.
8 – Jerusalem Ridge; Golden Delicious. From their 1998 Cavity Search album with Pete Krebs on guitar and Kevin Richey on banjo.
9 – Inchin’ Along; Crooked Jades. The great Bay Area band, from their 2001 album, the Unfortunate Rake, Vol. 1.
10 – Vassar’s Fiddle Rag; Old and In The Way. The supergroup with Vassar Clements on fiddle, David Grisman on mandolin, Peter Rowan on guitar, Herb Peterson on bass and Jerry Garcia on banjo.
11 – Daybreak in Dixie; Jackstraw. The Portland band, recorded Live at the White Eagle in November 2005.
12 – Texas Playboy Rag; Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. That’s from January, 1945.
13 – Scotland, Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys; from 1959, with Kenny Baker and Bobby Hicks playing the twin fiddles.
Third Set:
14 – Hog-Eyed Man; The Dickel Brothers. A traditional song played by the old Portland band at the 2001 Pickathon.
15 – Old Mother Logo; Deadwood Revival. Another traditional song by the Port Angeles band.
16 – Charleston 1; The Stairwell Sisters. A traditional song made famous by the 1920s Mississippi duo Narmour & Smith; Stephanie Prausnitz on the fiddle from their 2008 album, Get Off Your Money.
17 – Feckie’s Waltz; Aarun Carter and Jonathan Trawick. Aarun wrote that one from the Portland duo’s 2014 album, Deep End Sessions Vol. 1.
18 – Texas Quickstep; Brainstormers. Tom and Patrick Sauber with Vashon Island’s Mark Graham make up this band; this is a song from the Missouri fiddler Earl Collins.
19 – Soul Mate Blues; Greg Clarke. A song written and performed by another great Portland picker, from his 2003 album, Songs and Tunes from Here and There.
20 – Katie’s Song; Dryer. Rachel Browning’s album Outside Lines from 2000.
21 — Twang Theme; the Countrypolitans.





  • Turkey Red
    W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground
  • D/Fw
    The Vaughn Brothers
    Family Style
  • Brownie's Stomp
    Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies
    The Father of Western Swing
  • Buffalo Polka
    Retta and the Smart Fellas
    They Took the Stars Out of Heaven
  • Dill Pickle Rag
    Jim & Jesse with the Virginia Boys
    Newport Folk Festival -- Best of Bluegrass 1959-66
  • Vieux Crowley
    Bayou Deluxe
  • Gallaway Rambler/Niamhs Frolic/Star of Munster
    Seamus Eagan
    Pickathon 2000
  • Jerusalem Ridge
    Golden Delicious
    Cavity Search
  • Inchin' Along
    Crooked Jades
    The Unfortunate Rake: Vol. 1
  • Vassar's Fiddle Rag
    Old and In The Gray
    Old and In The Gray
  • Daybreak in Dixie
    Live at the White Eagle
  • Texas Playboy Rag
    Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
    Anthology 1935-1973
  • Scotland
    Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys
    The Definitive Collection
  • Hog-Eyed Man
    Dickel Brothers
    Pickathon 2001
  • Old Mother Logo
    Deadwood Revival
    Deadwood Revival
  • Charleston #1
    The Stairwell Sisters
    Get Off Your Money
  • Feckie's Waltz
    Aarun Carter & Jonathan Trawick
    Deep End Sessions, Vol. 1
  • Texas Quickstep
    Never Gonna Rain
  • Soul Mate Blues
    Greg Clarke
    Songs and Tunes from Here & There
  • Katie's Song
    Outside Line
  • Twang Theme
    Tired of Drowning

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