Robbie Fulks is coming to the White Eagle: The Viking Twang Primer

Written by on May 30, 2016

Robbie Fulks

Robbie Fulks

Viking Twang Episode 88 May 31, 2016

Good morning, friends, and welcome to Viking Twang Episode 88. My name is Randy Black, happy to be here on your college radio station, with just a few more days until the end of the term.

A couple of weeks ago I played songs from one of my favorite underrated country singers, Robbie Fulks. He’s going to be at McMenamin’s White Eagle next Tuesday, June 7, with his brand new album, Upland Stories. You heard some songs from that on Episode 85.

So we have two sets from Robbie today: a career retrospective in the first, then some live music in the second. Plus, some goofy twangy cover songs to close out the show.

1 – Turkey Red, W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground.
2 – Every Kind of Music But Country; from his first album, 1996’s Country Love Songs.
3 – Goodbye, Good Lookin; from his 1997 album, South Mouth.
4 – Family Man; from 13 Hillbilly Hits, his 2001 record of his favorite country songs; this is Frankie Miller’s 1959 Top Ten country hit.
5 – Leave It To a Loser; from my favorite of his albums, 2005’s Georgia Hard.
6 – Long I Ride. He recorded this for his 2013 album, Gone Away Backward; this is a live performance from last month, April 22, at Chicago’s Audiotree Studio, with Pete Finney on steel, Shad Cobb on fiddle, Todd Phillips on bass, and Alex Hall on drums.

We’re going to play some live music here from Robbie’s 2007 album “Revenge,” a two-disc set taken from two 2006 shows. This is mostly from an electric set in Champaign, Illinois, with one song from an acoustic Chicago show. The album starts with a little motivation from Robbie’s record company.

7 – We’re On The Road.
8 – You Shouldn’t Have; Recorded on his 1998 rock and roll album, Let Kills Saturday
9 – Fixin’ To Fall; co-written with Dallas Wayne and recorded on Wayne’s 2009 album, I’ll Take the Fifth. That’s the phenomenal Casey Dreissen on the fiddle.
10 – The Buck Starts Here; Robbie had that on Country Love Songs.
11 – Believe; the obligatory cover; Cher had a hit with this from her 1998 album.
12 – Let’s Kill Saturday Night; the title track.

We played Robbie’s’ version of Cher’s Believe, so let’s play some more covers of popular songs played twang style.

13 – You Shook Me All Night Long; The Clumsy Lovers. This band from British Columbia recorded this on their 2001 live album.
14 – Low Rider; the Sugar Beets. Our favorite Eugene hippie band, from their late 90s album, Once Upon A Time.
15 – Crazy Train; The Flatirons. Another local band, Wendy Pate and the Flatirons, from their 1999 album, Prayer Bones.
16 – Total Elipse of the Heart; Straight Outta Junior High. Nebraska’s legendary punk band, from 2004’s Kiss of Deaf.
17 — Twang Theme; from Portland’s Countrypolitans.





  • Turkey Red
    W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground
  • Every Kind of Music But Country
    Robbie Fulks
    Country Love Songs
  • Goodbye, Good Lookin'
    Robbie Fulks
    South Mouth
  • Family Man
    Robbie Fulks
    13 Hillbilly Hits
  • Leave It To A Loser
    Robbie Fulks
    Georgia Hard
  • Long I Ride
    Robbie Fulks
    Live from Audiotree Studios
  • We're On the Road
    Robbie Fulks
  • You Shouldn't Have
    Robbie Fulks
  • Fixin' To Fall
    Robbie Fulks
  • The Buck Starts Here
    Robbie Fulks
  • Believe
    Robbie Fulks
  • Let's Kill Saturday Night
    Robbie Fulks
  • You Shook Me All Night Long
    The Clumsy Lovers
  • Low Rider
    The Sugar Beets
    Once Upon A Time
  • Crazy Train
    The Flatirons
    Prayer Bones
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Straight Outta Junior High
    Kiss of Deaf
  • Twang Theme
    Tired of Drowningf

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