Written by joe on September 18, 2017

PC: Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph)

A R I Z O N A | FFO: Flor, MUNA, LANY, The 1975

A R I Z O N A, the band not the state, brings their tour nearly to a close at Portland’s Holocene on September 17. On the second to last night of their first ever headlining tour, A R I Z O N A remains humble and gracious. Their gratitude is extended to a completely sold out crowd that is extremely excited to be sharing the intimate space in SE Portland with them.

The Holocene is a smaller venue in Portland, even the stage is notably compact and the band had little room after their stage was set up. However, for a special show and tour like this, it sets the intimacy and fills the space with a close and comforting mood. The audience may have been tightly packed, but that didn’t stop them from dancing and singing along to A R I Z O N A from beginning to end; from “Annie” to “Cross My Mind.” The entire crowd was fully invested in the show, and expressed it through their actions and vocally. In between songs, Zachary Hannah (A R I Z O N A’s lead vocalist) interrupted the set a few times to speak openly to the crowd. Speaking of the passing of his father before playing “Are You.” Each night Zach dedicates the song to his father, originally planning on bringing him on tour with him to play trumpet.

Zach also repeatedly thanked the crowd and explained his gratitude. He says, A R I Z O N A was never meant to be a band and none of what unfolded was ever supposed to happen. The band had spent years writing for other artists, and Zach was going to quit music to pursue a career as a history teacher. The band got together and starting creating songs, and quickly became an electropop sensation that instantly gathered internet attention and sparked a fanbase. This night, and this entire tour, was special for A R I Z O N A, and their success will undoubtedly only increase from that night on.

Find more dates for A R I Z O N A’s tour on their website, and follow them on twitter, instagram, and facebook.

Pictures and words by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph // joe hernandez photography)





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