Favorite Portland Label: Track and Field Records [Day 1]

Written by on May 1, 2016

Happy May!

Here at KPSU, we are just kicking off our pledge drive month. Today, we’d like to introduce our 30 Day Local Music Challenge. Over the course of this month, KPSU deejays will be contributing to our blog on a daily basis and sharing their thoughts on the Portland music scene, its artists, labels, and venues.


Day 1: Your Favorite Portland Record Label

I’m going to be honest. I came into the position of “KPSU Music Director” not knowing a damn thing about the local music scene and I still can’t say I really do. The Portland scene, for the most part, is not something I understand or feel like I belong in and I’ve accepted that. I’ve found that what I do enjoy and what I resonate with the most, tends to be rather underrepresented, locally. Among this handful of local underdogs is Portland-based label, Track and Field Records.


“Track and Field Records was founded in Portland, OR based on an interest in curating and documenting music we like through limited releases of vinyl + cassettes.”

Operated by Kate Davis and Kyle Reigle, Track and Field Records has been blessing the world with the dreamiest cassette and vinyl releases since 2014. Over the last two years or so, they’ve released music from local acts such as The Appendixes, Azul Toga, and Cemeteries as well as national acts like Plastic Flowers, Haunt, and Dear Tracks. In addition to working with so many acts across the map, Track and Field has also co-released records with Furious Hooves (GA), Citrus City (VA), The Native Sound (NYC), and Snowbeast Records (PDX).

I discovered Track and Field in late 2014 when I stumbled across their first summer compilation album. I did not follow them as closely as I have been over the past year until they had made the announcement that they were going to co-release Cemeteries’ 2015 LP, Barrow, with Snowbeast Records.  It was this announcement that pushed me to dig deeper into Track and Field’s back catalog which ultimately led me to discover their carefully-crafted aesthetic (just check out their Instagram) and selective releases.

But wait, when did Track and Field become my favorite Portland-based label? Perhaps it was when I opened my first T&F package and just held the most beautiful pastel green cassette in my hands for a good minute or two. Perhaps it was while I was admiring the effort and creativity that came along with the zine associated with the second summer compilation album. Or maybe it was the personalized thank-you note I received. Regardless of the answer, Track and Field Records is a label that truly releases music for the love of it and I’m more than stoked to see what is to come from this burgeoning label.

For more on Track and Field Records: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram





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