Afraid Danger Dark Broken Zero Cold

Written by Blakbeard on December 1, 2016


Scientists have successfully engineered an organism that can form carbon-silicon bonds. Presumably this will enable remote firmware upgrades to our immune systems. Either that, or send homo sapiens directly into a memory hole, the dustbin of history. I, for one, welcome our new horta overlords. Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

In any event, I want to believe that somehow, consciousness will survive the heat death of the universe. Perhaps timescales can be different at various levels of reality simulation, and infinite experience can be packed into infinitesimal time. If there is an Akashic record, I hope it employs multiple fractal codecs to cope with the data load. We need space for sound-poems beyond number angrily lamenting the dying of the light.

Dr. Yo’s Magic Lantern is not for everyone. Discontinue use and consult your doctor or witch doctor if you experience fatigue, nausea, or ennui.






  • A Time For Fear (Who's Afraid)
    Art of Noise
    (Who's Afraid Of)
  • Danger Danger
    Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
    Stranger Things Vol. 2
  • Disruption In World Communications
  • Dark
    Pere Ubu
    St. Arkansas
  • A Different Kind of Tension
    A Different Kind of Tension
  • Armworth / Myopic Void
    Captain Beyond
    Captain Beyond
  • Rock-A-Mallard
    bLechtum from bLechdom
    Haus de Snaus
  • Broken Head
    Cluster & Eno
    After the Heat
  • Zero Time
    Half Machine Lip Moves
  • Kalte Sterne (Cold Stars)
    Einsturzende Neubauten
    Strategies Against Architecture
  • The World's Spinning At 45 RPM
    Pizzicato Five
    Happy End of the World
  • World Wide Pimps
    Officer Mushroom
    Officer Mushroom
  • Call of the West
    Wall of Voodoo
    Call of the West
  • Nicaragua

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