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The sun is shining and the guilty pleasures are in full bloom!

As I approach my 30th birthday, buckle your seatbelts because we’re gonna go into my next decade dancing and singing like nobody’s watching. Or maybe people are still watching. Who am I to judge?

Disclaimer: I am hopped up on Girl Scout Cookies this week since it’s the last week to get them. Listen to me stumble through my intros, jam out with me while I harmonize to both the Corrs and Mumford & Sons in the privacy of the booth. Also, I stumble through some some thought provoking […]

I’m in the mood for some Prince of Egypt and some love songs, so come in and sing along as we ring in the weekend!

Join me and get your tail end of the term angst out with some power and love ballads! There’s enough Casio keyboard for all!

Honestly, we’re all at the point in the term where we need some escape, right? Come join me for some pop dance hits, love ballads, and important queer news stories happening outside of the PSU bubble.

For all you lovers, here’s some songs of love, longing, and hope to woo your beloved at the start of Valentine’s Weekend 2016.

Set the mood for you to study/cry for your midterms. Because that’s next week if you can believe it. I’m also doing everything in my power to deliver you a queer news segment not focused on the Republican nomination circus.

How’s your winter term going? Join me for all your favorite hits (and a few new discoveries you might just have missed).


Have a great radio time!

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