Author: Emile

Join us this week on a new episode of Beyond Footnotes, in which I’m very excited to introduce my new co-host, Christian. In this episode we take on Ancient Greece with one of the funniest professors around, Professor George Armantrout. Listen while we talk just why Greek pottery is so iconic, why buildings aren’t important […]

With Halloween approaching, I thought it would be fun to take a historical look at one of October’s favorite players: the witch. I sat down with Dr. Jennifer D. Selwyn, to talk about some of the details, causes, and motivations behind the Witch-Hunts of Early Modern Europe. Listen as Dr. Selwyn de-mystifies something that has […]

Lily and Maddy have graced us with their lovely voices for the last year as they have conducted countless insightful and intriguing interviews of history professors, historians and students in our community. Recently graduated, Maddy and Lily are on to great things. Listen as I interview them on their thesis projects and get to know a […]


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