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OG Air Date: 4.27.2013 Early episode featuring DJ Matthew & the Tiger, during the 2013 pledge drive. …Humble beginnings, bruh. ^_^

We (DJ Matt Foley, and DJ Dovin) were honored to have local, Portland sweet, song-sirens Bevelers on a very special holiday episode of Visceral Volume 12/23/14 at 1pm on KPSU. Check it out (and all previous volumes) here: or directly listen hear: Download and enjoy any time you please! Thank you.

Hello all you beautiful music maniacs and boisterous vinyl vixens! Time is of the essence! These are the last few days to download episodes of Visceral Volume from KPSU, April 29th – August 12th. The show will be taken down this weekend! As many of you know, I live in L.A. now, and am working […]

Hey all you misfits and music maniacs! Don’t forget to download all my Visceral Volume shows from April 29th – August 12th. You’ll find tons of great music and interviews/noise from Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne (Melvins, Fanotmas, Venomous Concept), Steve Turner (of Mudhoney, Phantom Ships, the Monkeywrench, Thrown-Ups, Green River, etc), Metz (Toronto noise rock, […]

New Jersey based producer & designer Seth Haley delivered a most formidable document to the world of electronic music with 2011’s debut LP, Galactic Melt, using the irreverent pseudonym- Com Truise. The album projects a holistic, digital stratosphere in which a decades worth of pop nostalgia actually melds with a contemporary sense of carte blanche. […]

Rest in peace, Tommy Erdelyi (Ramone). Truly an inspiration. I wouldn’t be drumming if not for you. He taught us all the importance of simplicity, economy, and power, and making the drum parts as catchy as the guitar riffs. He wrote or co-wrote many of their biggest “hits”, including fan favorite, ‘Blitzkreig Bop’. Tommy Ramone, […]

Wed. 7/2 – Cloud Nothings, & Metz @ Hawthorne Theater, 7:30pm, all ages! Thurs. 7/3 – Acid Wash [membs bi-marks/autistic youth], Mongoloid, & More Hell [membs mean jeans] @ Foggy Nation, 8pm, 21+ *Fri. 7/4 – Hooded Hags, Shivas, & Happy Noose @ House of Bozo, 8pm, all ages! killer punk-y garage rawkin’ jams! Sat. […]

A sweet man with a storied past, biting sense of humor, and deep record collection will be on the show Tues. from 3-5pm, 7/1/14. Manana! His name rhymes w/ Beve Lurner. He still skateboards, loves the big muff, guild and mustang guitars, he plays in local band, Phantom Ships with Matt Brown of Bunk Bar, […]

Does King Buzzo from (the) Melvins actually dig the fuck outta Link_Wray!? Eh? Did Buzz Osborne actually letter in tennis!? Who are Buzzo’s favorite classy ladies? What (Portland-bred) author does the King dig more than Bukowski? Find the answer to these, and a great many more questions and queries in our interview with the illustrious, […]

Just re-posted/re-edited Seattle psych-rawkers, Rose Windows’ interview (Sub Pop Records). Check it, plus a ton of other fantastic sounds here: -DJ Matt Foley Enjoy the sun, lovelies.


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