Tuesday, September 15, I co-hosted Rocket Queen’s hour – Shaken Not Stirred (8PM PST) and helped her giveaway some tickets to Portland’s Spaghetti Western masters, Federales, and the upcoming Soulfly show. After some genuine Americana, RQ & I spin our fave Sepultura tracks (since we don’t even know what a Soulfly is!?) and raise horns […]

My guest, DJ Cabaret Barnet, and yours truly discuss noise and controversy within…

Right here’s the second hour of 7″s In Heaven – all vinyl selections, with special guest DJ Matt Foley, and his mobile Rawk & Roll show, Visceral Volume!

Beloved DJ and RAWK musicologist extraordinaire, Matt Foley, takes to the airwaves for a special two-hour program… All SEVEN INCH slabs of wax.

…the second hour of my 2015 Spring & Summer favorites. More doom, down tempo, classic D&B, and shimmering bleakness… Plus, dialogue from Lil Wayne’s classic 2012 deposition (for good measure). ^_^

Following last week’s example, I’m selecting my favorite tracks over the course of my Spring & Summer playlists… the intimate soundtrack that plays in my ears. While I love dreamy edm & slow jams, I’m desiring of a wide sonic palette – expect some thrash, sad bastard music (folk & country, etc.), experimental noise, math rock, […]

Your Moonbeams host, DJ Dovin and guest Boots, serve a sweet & sassy hour of garage rockers from those cats of the 60’s… taking full advantage of the stylistic breadth of KPSU’s FREE-FORMAT policy. “BOOM-BIP-BIP, YEAH!”

  (Do yaself a favor and jump ahead 10 min. in podcast)… Latest selections from some of my fave cats: Lapalux (Essex), James Blake (London), and Death Grips (Hell…). Lotta vibes on this one, a bit of heat in the center (some footwork, jungle-trap, Grips), but burns out nicely (Doja, Balam, Lapalux). See ya next […]

OG Air Date: 4.20.2013 Uhf, some rough transitions on this ol’ chest nut: I was still learning the switchboard, yuh. Take it easy… <3


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