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For the last couple of springs, downtown Boise, Idaho has turned into the destination for up-and-coming local and national acts to showcase their talents at the one and only Treefort Music Festival. KPSU has been there to document this festival from the start and is, of course, back at it again with the media coverage this year. Last […]

Joanna of The Muse in Music asked me to come on her show and feature my fav lady musicians!

Paste Magazine’s assistant music editor, Hilary Saunders, joined me on last week’s episode of Prepsters in Polos. We talked college, journalism, and of course, music! Additionally, Hilary brought in an hour’s worth of her favorite blues tunes! Click the link below to stream some Muddy Waters, Sharon Jones, Otis Redding and more!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m having some boy problems so here’s a playlist I made with that theme.

Imagine your favorite dream pop act from the Orchid Tapes circle collaborating with an up-and-coming indie pop act on a remix. That sounds like… a dream, yeah? Well, it’s not. You’re fully awake and I’m here to tell you that this is R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. Reigning from Chicago, Tiny Fireflies is an electronic act whose enchanting sound is the combination of […]

Earlier this week, Trevor Powers announced the end of his musical project, Youth Lagoon. On this episode of Prepsters in Polos, we go back and revisit the best of Powers’ 2011-2015 discography. ***Wondrous Bughouse was released in 2013, not 2011 as I stated in the podcast.  

I was sad so I made a sad playlist. Enjoy.

photo: Ethan Converse “If people want to see pictures of us swimming and hanging out in hot tubs, they can follow our hashtag #swimacrosstheworld on Instagram… Our long term goal is to transition out of music and into a pool-centered travel blog.” – Ethan Converse, KPSU Q&A with Rose Quartz In the spring of 2015, Maureen Ochs […]


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