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Juice & Conner return to talk about frickboy names, loving your dead gay dog even though he smokes weed, and play some slick summer tunes.

welcome to summer everyone, enjoy some fresh tunes. Juice is joined by Riley, Cayenne, and Will to talk about: eating dinos, pugs that always look like they’ve forgotten something important, the importance of the tuck, and more.  

The first time someone told me I had “shit taste in music” was last summer, on a warm night in early July. Sitting on the grass, someone who had clearly lost all control of their life gave me auxiliary cord privileges. I decided to start things off with a banger, so, naturally, I played “No […]

Juice & Chino discuss the industrial capabilities of Hell,  hello-copters, the resurrection of Mortimer the robo-pup, and so much more.

r.i.p. lcd

Juice & Jazmyn talk about Victor’s Dining Hall on campus at PSU. Warning, this show contains: hard-hitting facts, hot-takes, and real GENUINE ~w i s d o m~

Juice & J-Man talk about horses stealing your pizza,  basketball-related blood sacrifices, fire-enchanted gold swords, and play some cool tunes.  

an hour of desperation, loneliness, self-pity, and whatever else you want Image found @

on this edition of the juice wisdom & vibes hour juice finds himself alone, again. without wisdom, but with vibes to share with everyone.

With Mother’s Day in the rear view mirror join Juice & special guest Buster for conversations about sexy moms, the nightmare of having to live without your mother’s love, Ghost Hunters, Cricket Moms, and more! #Woof Call your mom.  


Have a great radio time!

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