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FFO: Codeine, Slint, Seahaven As the nucleus and only permanent member of Helens throughout its history, Jordan Portlock has seen the Portland-based not-quite-shoegaze project evolve rapidly throughout it’s lifespan after its inception in 2013. Even from the beginning, Helens has always been in some fashion Portlock’s brainchild, as all of the other founding  members were […]

New York’s favorite “bubblegum cyberpunk” band CRYING called in for an early morning interview over coffee. Talking points: Carly Rae Jepsen’s beefy-boy fanbase, the evolution of Crying’s sound since their original EPs, Carly Rae Jepsen’s influence on the band, disgusting coffee, sleepytime tea, playing video games all day/everyday, samurai tattoos, Liturgy and chiptune rock, how […]

Harrison of Turtlenecked came down to the hallowed halls of KPSU (NOT wearing a turtleneck) for our latest KPSU: Unplugged Session. In addition to a tearjerker of an acoustic set, we also debate whether or Harry Potter is for nerds, the ongoing investigation into 311, ethical consumerism of candy, Jill Stein, skateboarding every day, gave away […]

It’s the first show of my last year at KPSU. R.I.P.

David Liebe Hart visited KPSU for an in-studio performance and interview, culminating in what was the most surreal hour of my life. In the interview we talk about many things: Betty White, David’s ex girlfriends from various Star Corridors, the horrors of rap music, punk dudes who go both ways, how to make it big […]

September 22, 2016

I played some tunes, for you, for free. Songs for sweethearts.

San Diego’s most beautiful beach boys, The Frights, stop by KPSU once again for ashort & sweet unplugged perfoormance. Afterwards, we talk about Shamu biting somebody, The Splash Zone, how Weezer is obviously better than The Beatles, and much more. “I messaged someone on Tinder while you were talking”

In this episode, Millstone Grit shuffles into the interview booth at KPSU to play a live, acoustic set and introduce us to the Rock ‘n’ Roll scene in East Asia.

  Mo Troper & The Assumptions joins me in-studio once again to play some new songs MTV-Unplugged style, give me a lesson on Bruce Springsteen, writing the perfect pop song, and #Gamergate  

(About Kanye West): “I think he’s great I think he’s the best.” This week’s episode featured music by local Portland artists Blowout, Cool American, and Hazel.  


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