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Hey listeners, tonight’s episode can be described as tender at best. The official start of winter isn’t until next week, but lately the weather would make one feel otherwise. The songs featured help to emphasize the mood.

“Is there a buzzer button for sound effects?” Lanny and I (DJ Jo here, hi) got together for our first pop-themed episode of Distant Records PDX because y’all need to dance once in a while. Also, I was listening over while editing the episode and it’s kind of really hilarious. Enjoy!

The Muse In Music presents a second edition of Local Only, an hour (ish) of women within the music community here in Portland. Looking past the technical blunder which makes up the first ten minutes of the episode, I feature Natasha Kmeto, Valet, Sara Jackson-Holman and a bunch of other names I’m sure you’ve seen […]

Hey, Portland! It’s raining outside. Summer’s over this weekend.  Beanies are gon’ be everywhere, whether you’re prepared for the invasion or not. I’ve had a rather hectic week, but I’m back in the studio a little earlier than planned to bring you a new round of ladies to match the mood outside. Electronic mostly, like […]

How can one possibly shift from folk to soul, two very different sounds rooted in the same emotive intensity, within the span of a year’s time? Denver-based folk musician Nathaniel Rateliff was still riding the wave of critical acclaim for his 2014 release, Falling Faster Than You Can Run, before announcing his collaboration with SLC’s […]

Another Friday, another episode. I’ve been digging a lot of electronic stuff as of late. Which, I mean, let’s be real. With the release of Beach House’s new album and singles from Pure Bathing Culture and Chvrches, I’m reeeeeally feeling that dramatic dream pop-y electro/indie music as of late. So in this week’s episode, I kept […]

Hey listeners! On last week’s episode of The Muse In Music, I dissected the rosters of two of my favorite West Coast labels, Hardly Art in Seattle, WA and Burger Records in Fullerton, CA. Despite my inability to fully explain in words at the moment, there’s some sort of new riot grrl-esque movement occurring here […]

Lanny (Prepsters In Polo) and Jo (The Muse In Music) had their first show together. This was the result. THE ARTISTS: Sales – Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter Dilly Dally – Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter Holychild – Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter Bora York – Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter Good Try – Bandcamp // Facebook Orchid Mantis – […]

Hey everyone! San Francisco singer-songwriter Sarah Bethe Nelson and her band dropped by the KPSU station for a very special performance on The Muse In Music before their show at Mississippi Studios yesterday night. Joining her were bandmate Ella Jaszczak on bass, Rusty Miller on guitar, and drummer Mike Shoun (after I led them through […]


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