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Written by Lindsey AKA Scrappy Go Lucky   If you're looking for a great rock show, southern culture on the skids (SCOTS to its diehards) is the place to be Thursday.    Formed in Chapel Hill, NC in 1983, they've been cranking out fun upbeat music for over 30 years and running the musical gamut from […]

Murder City Devils Monday August 18th 8 pm; Star Theater Tonight the murder city devils play in Portland. They also played a show last night at Dantes. That one sold out in mere minutes, tonight’s still has tickets left. Treat yourself to the rockinest show of the week!  MCD hasn’t put out a studio album […]

HTML Generator Sample Page   Four years ago today, Ronnie James Dio passed away, he was taken by stomach cancer at the age of 67. In the halls of the Gods he now walks.  This year musician fans of Dio put together an awe inspiring tribute album. Ronnie James Dio This is Your Life is […]

You’re racing across an alien landscape saddled to the neck of a carnivorous brontosaurus creature. The wide plains are rimmed by magenta plateaus and peaks, the only plant life is a strange indigo tree with lichen looking cups at its tips. As you shift your gaze to the horizon, you see a heard of mounted […]

HTML Generator Sample Page I’ve long said that being attractive is SO helpful in being successful. Not essential, but it makes it easier. Con Bro Chill proves my point.   Here are Con Bro Chill’s priorities:  Step 1: Strap on some neon/ridiculous Step 2: Party, dance the night away, have fun You would never guess […]

HTML Generator Sample Page Sandrider is a band from Seattle, WA, a town well known for its hard rock bands. Their sophomore album Godhead was released in November.  They liken their sound to Akimbo among other bands, it’s not surprising then that Sandrider has two ex members of Akimbo in their trio. Matt Bayles, a […]

Rupaul’s collection of fierce bitches gathered at the Crystal Ballroom on Wednesday. As expected, there was lots of sequins, cake makeup and FABULOUS performances! The night opened with Alaska Thunderfuck performing her sasstastic “Your makeup is TERRIBLE!” Here is a clip of her performing it in LA: Next came Carmen Carrera lip syncing Tony Braxton’s […]

The band Black black black, not to be confused with Black black……because it’s one blacker released their self-titled album in 2013 and it is a pretty good freshman release. The band is reminiscent of Red Fang, Fu Manchu, and Black Sabbath, solid stoner metal. The 4 piece band hails from New York and are part […]

The devil came to town on Friday!! The Devil Makes Three that is! It was a sold out show at the Crystal Ballroom on Friday night. I have never been to a show at the CB that was sold out. Holy moly was it hot in there! Why was it so full? The Devil Makes […]

The Reverend Horton Heat with Nekromantix 1/10/14 Last Friday night the Wonder Ballroom was transformed into a church, the church of psychobilly, the congregation was lead by the Reverend Horton Heat. It must be mentioned that the Wonder Ballroom is so good at running shows on time. If you plan to miss an opening act, […]


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